Tour de Force Provides Monthly Microgrants to DMV Artists

By East City Art Editorial Team on April 19, 2022

Deadline: Sat, December 31 2022

Description: Tour de Force logo featuring a pink, yellow, and green compass on a blue background. Between each point is the name TOUR DE FORCE.
Attribution: Meg Clerc, The Tour de Force Team

Tour de Force is a nonprofit organization that is committed to art and social impact. They support DMV-based artists, financially and logistically, by awarding monthly microgrants for ideas that have social impact, educational significance, and make the community better and more beautiful. They accept applicants on a rolling basis and the grants go towards a variety of projects, including, but not limited to, hosting classes or workshops, purchasing supplies, or the start-up costs for a community project. They believe in the transformative power of the arts, and as such, our goal is to help artists bring their ideas to life.

Please visit their website at for more information and to apply.