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Brookland Arts District?

With all of the buzz recently centered around H Street as the emerging arts destination with the opening of new galleries Studio H, City Gallery and Industry Gallery, the relocation of DC powerhouse Connor Contemporary and the great success of the Atlas Theater, could Brookland be far behind?

In December 2009, the DC zoning commission approved the redevelopment of a five block parcel of land currently owned by Catholic University.  The land, which is adjacent to the Brookland/CUA Metro station will feature a new Main Street along both sides of Monroe Street, from Michigan Avenue to 8th Street, NE, with residential above the ground floor retail.  Local developer Abdo Development will be responsible for the project.

Art will play a central role in this redevelopment effort as Dance Place and Artspace of Minnesota will build an artist housing development one block down on 8th ST NE.  While not affiliated with Abdo, this project will emphasize 8th Street NE in Brookland as an emerging arts destination.

Arts Walk will sit on the vacant block adjacent to the Metro tracks on the north side of Monroe and will extend 8th Street with a pedestrian-only street, connecting Monroe with the Metro entrance. Flanking this pedestrian street will be 27 working artist studios, featuring roll-up glass doors and high ceilings.

“We are currently working with the Cultural Development Corporation to program this space and they will likely also manage the Arts Walk and be responsible for leasing the space to artists. There will also be a 3,000 sf “Arts Flex Building” at the southeast corner of Monroe and 8th that will accommodate arts functions like exhibitions, performances, and receptions.” says Toby Millman, Vice President of Project Development for Abdo Development

Links of some drawings for the overall project can be found here.

From Art Crimes to City Landmarks

The city has finally decided taken a pragmatic approach to “combating” graffiti in the city by creating the Murals DC program.  Council member Jim Graham spearheaded the program in 2007.  The program pairs students with artists who learn aerosol painting techniques and the execution of a large scale work. The program has led to the creation of 20 breathtaking murals city-wide including the following five East City murals:

“One City,” 2420 Martin Luther King Ave. SE, “Unity,” 600 Alabama Ave. SE,  “Movement,” under the Franklin Street Bridge at Edgewood and Eighth Street NE, “Metamorphosis,” 615 Division Ave. NE and “Life Makes Music,” Riggs Road NE at South Dakota Avenue.  Many of these murals have become landmarks in their own right.  You can view these murals online here as well as the other 15 murals finished in NW neighborhoods.

H Street Art Galleries

Modern Luxury Magazine has published an article about the burgeoning H street art gallery scene.  Aside from what many ECA blog readers who frequent the H street NE art scene already know, they might not know that G Fine art will soon be joining our midst.  Also worth noting is that my last name was misspelled in the article.  It should read Phil Hutinet and not Phil Sutinet.

Grand Opening of Industry Gallery

The list of galleries continues to grow in the H Street Corridor.   Industry Gallery will be hosting their grand opening this  Saturday, January 16th, 2010 from 6 to 8 p.m. The inaugural opening will feature unique metal and aluminum sculpture designs by Jerusalem-born artist Shlomo Harush.

Also worth noting, Industry Gallery will be featured in the Thursday, January 14th, 2010 issue of the New York Times and in today’s Washington Post.

Industry Gallery is located at 1358 Florida Avenue, NE, Suite 200, Washington DC 20002  T: 202.399.1730  E: