By Guest Author on December 14, 2021

East City Art Profiles—Artists of Breathe: Embracing the Uncertainties of the Human Condition

The group exhibition, curated by Cheryl D. Edwards, includes artists Timothy DeVenney, Nestor Gil, Mary Welch Higgins, Curlee Raven Holton, Lisa K. Rosenstein and Michelle Talibah. 

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By Claudia Rousseau, Ph.D. on August 24, 2021

Remembering Nancy Frankel (1929-2021)

Embodying what she called an “organic geometry,” Nancy Frankel’s sculpture is a testament to the richness of her inspiration, whether it came from the hidden mathematical structures of nature or those inherent in music.

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By Phil Hutinet on May 4, 2021

The 50 States Project Part One: Seventeen States and a Global Pandemic

Artists Kate Fleming and Tom Woodruff are heirs to the North American propensity for continental wanderlust. Their 50 States Project follows a long-standing tradition of roaming from coast-to-coast in search of America.

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By Phil Hutinet on May 3, 2021

Luis Peralta Del Valle: Ambassador of Peace, Hope and Love

When DC Mayor Muriel Bowser visited Beijing in 2016, she presented Mayor Guo Jinlong with a work of art as a token of peace and renewed friendship between Beijing and its Sister City of Washington, DC. Titled “Geared Up Panda,” the life-sized statue of a panda, the symbol of China,...

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By Phil Hutinet on March 5, 2021

Zsudayka Nzinga: Artist, Curator, Educator and Community Leader

Community leader and painter Zsudayka Nzinga hopes to one day create an arts center in Ward 7.

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By Phil Hutinet on February 5, 2021

The Spiritual Artwork of Asha Elana Casey

Asha Elana Casey’s artwork reflects her transformative awakening through Ifa and the connection she’s made with her ancestors.

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By Phil Hutinet on December 21, 2020

Jay Coleman: Public Artist

Jay Coleman’s larger-than-life murals and sculptures embellish DC’s public spaces.

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By Phil Hutinet on November 10, 2020

A Network of Opportunity: Nehemiah Dixon

While maintaining his artistic practice, Nehemiah Dixon III rose through the ranks of arts administration, landing him a director position at the Phillips Collection.

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By Phil Hutinet on September 17, 2020

A Polymath Walks Among Us: Terence Nicholson

Terence Nicholson, Honfleur Gallery’s Creative Director, is an artist, Kung-fu master, musician and curator.

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By Miguel Resendiz on August 20, 2019

East City Art Profiles—Stephanie Mercedes on Gun Violence

Stephanie Mercedes is a DC-based artist addressing the issue of gun-violence, both nationally and locally, in a transformative way.

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By Juliana Biondo on July 9, 2019

East City Art Profiles: von ammon co Gallery

Georgetown’s newest gallery, von ammon co, which opened in April, has an ambitious program to present internationally rising artists to the DC arts community.

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By Michael Janis on April 9, 2019

Artist Tim Tate to Represent USA in Venice Exhibition

Returning for the 58th Biennale di Venezia, the sixth edition of the art exhibit GLASSTRESS brings together a new line-up of leading contemporary artists from Europe, the United States, Latin America, India, and China in an ambitious exhibition exploring the endless creative possibilities of glass. The show "GLASSTRESS" is a...

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By Ashley Shah on February 19, 2019

Lenora Yerkes: Plumbing the Subconscious

Through her artwork, Lenora Yerkes explores deeper feelings stored in her subconscious. Her goal is to identify hidden messages and understand broader themes that play out in her life.

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By Rachelle L. Williams on December 4, 2018

Jo Ann Block: Pushing back Against Age and Gender

“Historically, butch women fought for this identity,” Block says, “and it’s significant to hold on to.” Those who still identify as butch, then, are an “elite group” and represent “the few.” They are “proud,” she adds, “Because it takes guts to live ones entire life outside the gendered margins as a butch woman who does not identify as femme or trans but somewhere along the spectrum in between.”

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By Guest Author on November 27, 2018

The Universal Human Urge To Mark

As an artist I have long been fascinated by the universal human urge to connect through mark making, particularly the ancient pictographs our ancestors created in caves around the world. Eager to learn more, in the summer of 2015 I traveled to Spain and France to view the ancient markings and etchings in 11 cave sites, including the Lascaux Cave, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. I continued the following year with a hard trip to Sulawesi, Indonesia, where I saw marks dating to nearly 40,000 BC, currently considered one of the oldest marks in the world. Most recently, I traveled in October 2017 to Namibia, Africa, to explore the culture of the indigenous San tribes and examine their rock art.

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