By Eric Celarier on May 10, 2022

East City Art Reviews— Sarah J. Hull Taxonomy of Evanescence

Taxonomy of Evanescence presents different layers of an artist’s life for us to explore. Emanating from her internal sense of how the world is organized, Sarah Hull reveals her intentions with clarity, while reserving enough latitude for the observer to make personal connections to them.    

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By Eric Celarier on April 25, 2022

East City Art Reviews—SUSPENDED INTER-SPACES at VisArts

SUSPENDED INTERS-SPACES is an exhibition about the artistic process. Though originally developed to examine these practices generically, as artists found themselves isolated and enveloped in the sorrow and social unrest of the pandemic, they reacted to the context in which they were creating to reflect what they were perceiving the state of the world to be. Instead of business as usual, they inevitably gravitated to larger questions of existential importance, reporting their findings through repetition, myth, ritual, intuition, and metaphor.

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By Jan Aucker on April 14, 2022

East City Art Reviews—Mary Annella Frank Creature Comforts

A creature comfort is defined as ‘something (such as food, warmth, or special accommodations) that gives bodily comfort’.[1] Mary Annella “Mimi” Frank has embodied this meaning with a group of her steel sculptures at Fred Schnider Gallery of Art in Arlington, VA.  The artist previews some recent and past works...

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By Eric Celarier on April 3, 2022

East City Art Reviews—Resilience and Uncertainty

Resilience and Uncertainty gives voice to messages of uneasiness, hope, and survival. As curator, Valdez sees these artists finding ways to use adversity to their advantage. Locating truths in the chaos of the psychological and social disaster brought about by the pandemic, this group has been able to work through and even discover hidden meaning in the unpredictability of the world; a world that is far less stable than we once thought.

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By Hamiltonian Artists on March 16, 2022

Essays on Art—The Heightened Sense of Belonging: Madeline Stratton We Were Here

By Danielle O’Steen, Ph.D. | There is an odd familiarity in the objects that Washington-based artist Madeline Stratton uses in her sculptures and reliefs. Items like a door knocker, a hinge, a bracket, or a screen door all appear as components in the abstract artworks that populate her exhibition at Hamiltonian Artists titled We Were Here. Stratton has given these old objects a new life, covering them with Day Glo colors and shiny, bedazzled surfaces.

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By Phil Hutinet on February 22, 2022

East City Art Reviews—Breathe: Embracing the Uncertainties of the Human Condition

Curator Cheryl D. Edwards selected work from seven artists including Jase Clark, Tim DeVenney, Nestor Gil, Mary Welch Higgins, Curlee Raven Holton, Faith Ringgold, Lisa K. Rosenstein and Michelle Talibah for an exhibition titled Breathe: Embracing the Uncertainties of the Human Condition at the Joan Hisaoka Healing Arts gallery.  Edwards intentionally brought together a diverse group of artists working in a wide range of mediums to demonstrate that despite their differences, each artist has experienced the pandemic in very similar ways. Each touches on universal themes such as loss and isolation. Edward’s curatorial goal was  to reveal these common threads which bind us as human beings during this time of unprecedented upheaval.

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By Eric Celarier on February 15, 2022

East City Art Reviews—Joseph Shetler In Pursuit of Nothing

If you quickly go through Joseph Shetler’s show, In Pursuit of Nothing, at southwest Washington’s Culture House DC, you will miss what it achieves. His latest installment of arrangements of horizontal and vertical lines appears so simple that their underlying complexity could easily be missed by a casual viewer.

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By Claudia Rousseau, Ph.D. on February 7, 2022

East City Art Reviews—Willem de Looper : Paintings 1968-1972

One of the first things one notices is the brilliant color and the perceived movement in each of the paintings. De Looper’s veils of extremely diluted poured acrylic seem almost like colored smoke, moving in and around in the space they occupy in unpredictable sequences.

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By Claudia Rousseau, Ph.D. on January 4, 2022

East City Art Reviews—Helen Frederick SANJEEVANI: From Here to There

An impressive retrospective of the work of Helen C. Frederick is currently on view at the Terzo Piano Gallery. Curated by the artist and gallery owner Giorgio Furioso, it tracks the artist’s trajectory over five decades. This long and extraordinarily productive career is represented by works on and of paper expressing crisscrossing themes fundamental to her thinking.

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By Eric Celarier on December 13, 2021

East City Art Reviews—Jean Sausele-Knodt Recent Animations

Jean Sausele-Knodt’s collection of dynamic assemblages, Recent Animations at Fred Schnider Gallery of Art, creates amalgamations of hand-cut pieces of wood, concrete, steel, and embroidery that bind disparate elements into dynamic arrangements. Intensely personal, these works make sense of the fragmentation she sees in the world.

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By Sarah McGavran, Ph.D. on December 7, 2021

East City Art Reviews—Olivia Tripp Morrow Body, Joy, Cage, Scar

The works in Olivia Tripp Morrow’s solo exhibition build upon her experiences before and after major spinal surgery to explore broader themes of adaptation, persistence, resilience, and even joy.

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By Claudia Rousseau, Ph.D. on November 30, 2021

East City Art Reviews—Alma W. Thomas Everything is Beautiful at The Phillips Collection

Coinciding with its centennial anniversary, the Phillips Collection is hosting a retrospective of paintings by Alma W. Thomas. The show is fully contextualized with archival materials and objects.

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By Eric Celarier on November 2, 2021

East City Art Reviews—Wayson R. Jones In Shades

In Wayson R. Jones’ current exhibit In Shades at Portico Gallery, the artist documents the most recent chapters in his study of value. There is something fundamental about black and white media, making it especially appropriate for describing foundational truths.

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By Claudia Rousseau, Ph.D. on October 26, 2021

East City Art Note—Maryanne Pollock Rebirth the Earth

Without a doubt, the most interesting and arresting painting in the current solo exhibit of recent work by Maryanne Pollock is her Rebirth the Earth (2021), also the title of the show. Against a black background that appears cosmic, explosions of aqua, blue and white acrylic burst forward, along with translucent orbs that seem to be in a state of formation.

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By Claudia Rousseau, Ph.D. on October 19, 2021

East City Art Reviews —Clouds, Ice, and Bounty: Dutch and Flemish Paintings at the National Gallery of Art

An exhibition of seventeenth-century Dutch and Flemish paintings acquired by the National Gallery of Art through the Lee and Juliet Folger Fund over the past 25 years is now on view in the Dutch and Flemish Cabinet Galleries there. These spaces aim at emulating the domestic environments for which works like these would have been made, and to provide a sense of this for the contemporary viewer.

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