By Claudia Rousseau, Ph.D. on October 4, 2021

East City Artnotes—Wayne Paige Changing Landscapes

Wayne Paige’s current exhibit, Changing Landscapes: The Digital Age, Encroachment, and Eventual Outcomes, aims at exposing the dangers of the lure of the digital to those who have never lived in a world without cell phones and computers.

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By Claudia Rousseau, Ph.D. on September 17, 2021

East City Art Reviews—Anne Marchand Moments of Grace

Eight abstract paintings by DC artist Anne Marchand are now on view at the Silva Gallery. The new exhibition space was the result of a collaboration between Latela Curatorial and the Silva DC, a new apartment development in Adams Morgan opened with the intention of providing new opportunities for local artists in the Washington DC region.

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By Claudia Rousseau, Ph.D. on September 15, 2021

East City Art Reviews—Trawick Prize 2021

The nineteenth iteration of the finalists of the Trawick Prize for Contemporary Art is now on view at Gallery B in Bethesda. The work in this exhibit falls into two distinct categories: reflections on identity and heritage, and meditations on nature and climate change. Of the eight artists exhibited, six fall into the former, with two in the latter.

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By Claudia Rousseau, Ph.D. on August 12, 2021

East City Art Reviews—DC Abstraction Shines at Pazo Fine Art

Colors of Confidence, the current exhibit at the relatively new Pazo Fine Art gallery (PFA) in Kensington, MD shows a small but powerful group of ten works by eight DC abstract painters, three of them major names from the Washington Color School: Tom Downing, Howard Mehring and Paul Reed.

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By Claudia Rousseau, Ph.D. on August 2, 2021

East City Art Reviews—9 Artists / 9 Months / 9 Perspectives: Birth of 2020 Visions

Pyramid-Atlantic is hosting an exhibition of the work of nine African-American women artists who participated in a collective project variously titled Project 2020 or 2020 Visions. For it, each conceived an artist’s book that would express her experiences through the difficult and tumultuous times through which we have lived over the past year and a half.

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By Claudia Rousseau, Ph.D. on July 9, 2021

East City Art Reviews—Erik Thor Sandberg’s New Drawings: Art Historical Reflections

A small portfolio of new drawings by painter Erik Thor Sandberg is now available for viewing at CONNERSMITH Gallery. There are only five of them in this group, but they are arresting and memorable both for Sandberg’s amazing draftsmanship and their fascinating iconography.

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By Claudia Rousseau, Ph.D. on June 28, 2021

East City Art Reviews—Three to See at Studio Gallery: Gary Anthes, Carolee Jakes and Harriet Lesser

For their June-July schedule, Studio Gallery is hosting a show of work by photographer Gary Anthes and multi-media artist Carolee Jakes in the upper gallery with new photo transfers by Harriet Lesser stands in the lower gallery space. All three shows address themes of transience, impermanence and the inevitability of change.

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By Claudia Rousseau, Ph.D. on June 15, 2021

East City Art Reviews—The 2021 Bethesda Painting Awards Finalists’ Exhibition

The annual Bethesda Painting Awards have been decided, and the exhibition of selected works by each of the eight finalists is currently at Gallery B in Bethesda. A point of interest this year is the fact that nearly all the paintings in this show are figurative to a greater or lesser degree.

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By Claudia Rousseau, Ph.D. on June 5, 2021

East City Art Reviews—Faith Ringgold Retrospective at Glenstone

The Gallery at Glenstone is the only US venue scheduled for a retrospective exhibition of five decades of work by African-American artist Faith Ringgold. The exhibit provides a unique opportunity to see the trajectory of Ringgold’s work as activist, artist and author seriously engaged in the struggle for African-American civil and women’s rights over her long career.

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By Claudia Rousseau, Ph.D. on May 4, 2021

East City Art Reviews – Poetry and Word Pictures: Ilchi and Rose at Hemphill

Two excellent exhibits currently at Hemphill are clearly intended as two solos, and are in separate spaces in the Gallery. Yet one might wonder why these two artists, whose work seems such a contrast, would be shown at the same time.

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By Claudia Rousseau, Ph.D. on March 11, 2021

East City Art Reviews—Kenneth Victor Young: Exploring Space

This month there are two concurrent exhibitions featuring the later work of Kenneth Victor Young: one at CONNERSMITH, the other at Bethesda Fine Art. It also marks the fourth anniversary of the death of this remarkable but relatively little known Washington DC artist in 2017. At his death, at 83, he had had a career of over fifty years painting, teaching, and designing exhibitions.

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By Claudia Rousseau, Ph.D. on February 19, 2021

East City Art Reviews—RECORD: Cultural Pulses/Muriel Hasbun

A large and emotionally charged solo retrospective of photographic work by Muriel Hasbun is currently on view at RoFa Projects in Potomac, MD. The exhibit fills a number of galleries in this large house venue, including an outside location, a miniature playhouse in the back yard.

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By Claudia Rousseau, Ph.D. on January 25, 2021

East City Art Reviews—Pattern and Texture: Shanthi Chandrasekar and Joseph Cortina at McLean Project for the Arts

Two exhibits at the McLean Project for the Arts are in separate spaces but their pairing makes sense, even if at first this is not obvious. Each solo features the work of an artist concerned with pattern and texture, but each approaches these quite differently.

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By Jan Aucker on December 15, 2020

East City Art Reviews—David Carlson Flattening Time at Fred Schnider Gallery

David Carlson’s latest series on view at Fred Schnider Gallery through the end of the year, gives expression to the Buddhist practice of feeling present and interconnected with all things or a “flattening” of time.

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By Claudia Rousseau, Ph.D. on December 8, 2020

East City Art Reviews: We the People, For Show or For Sure: Chawky Frenn 2010-2020

A timely exhibit of works by artist Chawky Frenn is on view at the Delaware Contemporary in Wilmington, DE featuring a series of forty-seven mixed media paintings made on posters of the United States Constitution. Begun in 2010 in response to Citizens United, the series morphed into a broader range of social critique.

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