DC Sketchers @ The National Gallery of Art

By Kent Gay on May 24, 2011

DC Sketchers visited the National Gallery of Art last Saturday and tried their hand at sighting and measurement by measuring the proportional relationship between the height and width of paintings in the Impressionism to Modernism show.

Then we learned to see and draw the negative spaces in the paintings and then went to the East Building to practice seeing and drawing the negative shapes in Bruce Nauman’s 15 Pairs of Hands.

A new eight week summer session begins on June 25th. Visit www.CHAW.org for more information.

DCsketchers.5.21.11 006DCsketchers.5.21.11 008

DCsketchers.5.21.11 012

DCsketchers.5.21.11 003

DCsketchers.5.21.11 017

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