East City Art Features: Harmony Hall Gallery 2018-2019 Open Call

By Editorial Team on August 2, 2017

Harmony Hall has been producing exhibitions and concerts in suburban Maryland for twenty-eight years. Located near National Harbor or just a 15 minute drive from Capitol Hill and Old Town Alexandria, the Harmony Hall complex hosts a 1,600 square foot gallery. The gallery displays five major annual exhibitions on view in seven to eight weeks periods.

Harmony Hall Gallery. Image courtesy Harmony Hall.

Harmony Hall currently has an open to artists call for the 2018 and 2019 showing seasons. There is no fee to apply and the gallery takes 25% commission on sale of work. Submissions to the open call undergo a committee-based selection process. Staff and a panel of outside artists choose the finalists. Harmony Hall staff install the work, market the exhibition, and cater the opening reception and artist talk.

Facility manager Stuart Diekmeyer explains, “The gallery is an educational space for the community. You are presented with a professional, high caliber artists’ work being showcased.”

Artists should submit fifteen images with 300DPI photos preferred on a CD, DVD, or flashdrive.

Staff will offer feedback about an application, if asked; if the panel did not select your work, they are willing to offer an explanation.

Stuart Diekmeyer elaborates that the gallery, “Is an experimental space. I have always heard that artists complain that they can’t do what they want at galleries and such—they want to go large and they can’t. A lot of times artists come with a preconceived idea of what they can do and they are welcome to break the mold.”

Concerning the open call, Stuart said, “The key is fifteen images that don’t mix and match. It needs to be cohesive and to the point. As curators you look at the work and ask how it will all work together. And we allow group exhibits. If you are submitting a group proposal make sure the work goes together, not just because you are friends. We have seen that. The weak point being that issue. It broke the quality or flow between the work that should be created.

When we had our 20th anniversary we discovered that artists exhibited enjoyed showing here because it gave a stepping stone to the next project. It helped them learn about their work. How the work functions in an environment compared to the studio. And to try something totally different.”

Harmony Hall Gallery. Image courtesy Harmony Hall.

The panel will review all mediums and welcome artists from any stage of their artistic careers whether emerging or seasoned.

Submissions are due Friday, August 11 at 5pm.  For more information and to apply, click here.