East City Artist Sean Hennessey at 410 GooDBuddY Gallery

By Michael Janis on September 27, 2012
Sean Hennessey, "Pool of Tears" (detail). All artwork images courtesy the artist.

For the last few months, East City Arts sculptor Sean Hennessey been working on a series of pieces for a solo show – Reimagining Alice: A MixedMultimedia Series Based On ‘Alice In Wonderland’.

Sean Hennessey "Killing Time & Times Revenge" (detail and full panel images), kilncast glass, concrete, found objects, paint, wood, integrated video components.

Sean Hennessey creates sculptures in glass and concrete that are narratives based on mythologies, religions, personal experiences and whimsy. By using imagery of common and slightly nostalgic items Hennessey tells narratives of hopes and dreams, and of memories and transformations. A graduate of the unique Berea College, Sean worked in professional theater for 10 years as a welder, carpenter, rigger, scenic artist, prop artist, and designer all the while creating his own artwork. Sean has been with the Washington Glass School since 2004 when Tim Tate finally convinced him that glass was cool.

Working in the glass studio, Sean Hennessey reviews his sculpted cast glass out of the kiln as it cools after annealing.

Hennessey’s sculptures are kiln formed slump cast glass panels that he trowels and paints with concrete and stains. His works have a feeling of relics, of archeology, and of the study of the past.

Sean Hennessey "The Tweedles" detail of kilncast glass panel and el panel.
Said Hennessey of the new works being installed his solo show “I wanted to start with the fun, absurdist, creative stories of Lewis Carroll’s tale, using my own imagery, visual language and loose interpretations, riddled with a personal take on metaphors and combine that with materials I have been using and with materials that are very new to me. The desire to include video and lighting in my work was the original impetus for this project”.
Sean Hennessey "Pool of Tears" kilncast glass, paint, video, electronics.
“I equate the concrete with the realities of earth, and life, and the shell that we use to protect ourselves from exposing our soul to the world” Hennessey said his use of unusual medias not normally associated with fine art. “I’ve been combining glass, paint, steel, wood, concrete, found objects, stencils,  LED’s, electroluminescent lighting (EL) and video. All the fun stuff.”
Sean Hennessey "Find The Right Key" detail of kilnformed glass and concrete panel.

The series was funded, in part, from a grant Hennessey received from the District of Columbia’s Commission on the Arts and Humanities and will be hosted by the architecture firm Weibenson and Dorman in the 410 Goodbuddy Gallery.

Hennessey is one of the artists involved in the renovation of the entry doors of the Library of Congress’ Adams Building by the Architect of the Capitol, now under production. One of the East Coast’s leading mold makers, Hennessey has been taking castings of the landmark’s historic bronze doors as part of the process in translating the relief sculptures into cast glass for the building entry.

Sean Hennessey "Drink Me" detail of kilncast glass panel.

Sean Hennessey: Reimaging Alice A MixedMultimedia Series Based On Alice In Wonderland

410 GooDBuddY Gallery – 410 Florida Avenue, NW, Washington, DC

September 28th – October 26, 2012    Opening Reception Friday, September 28th, from 5-8 PM





410 Florida Ave. Washington, DC

410 GooDBuddY is an exhibition space can that can be used by a single artist to exhibit their works. It is within the FRINJ neighborhood of Washington DC and is partially provided by Wiebenson and Dorman Architects whose studio shares the building.