EMULSION 2016 Juror Statement

By East City Art Editorial Team on March 14, 2016
Juror Amy Cavanaugh Royce, Executive Director of Maryland Art Place.
Juror Amy Cavanaugh Royce, Executive Director of Maryland Art Place.


“Last fall, I was invited to jury a show for Terrault Contemporary here in Baltimore City, alongside the infamous Doreen Bolger (former Director of the BMA) and Lu Zhang (Business Manager for the Contemporary Museum, artist and also amazing!) We had a tough job; however sharing the burden of making important decisions about artists and art created a challenging, but fun process. Making the selections for the 2016 Emulsion Juried Exhibition without that support structure was difficult to say the least. The talent and variation of media and methodology behind these submissions immediately struck me. Right away, I knew it would not be easy. I also had roughly 50 + more submissions to review than that of the Terrault show.

There is no doubt that reviewing any artwork electronically can be problematic…depth, scale, production value are all hard to gauge. I started with roughly 40 “yeses” and had to narrow that down. So many qualified artists, but how to represent the breadth of what was being produced given the space limitations was even more burdensome. I knew many talented artists were going to get left behind.

My goal with Emulsion was to create an environment of diverse media; however I also noticed a commonality amongst the work. We all know art can often be a reflection of our current cultural, social and political climates. There was no doubt that there were shared themes, concerns and worries conveyed through the imagery on my computer screen. From climate change to race issues, this visual information was staring at me and it needed space as well.

My hope with this show is for the viewer to have a varied experience, to open up dialogue about content and to exemplify all that is relevant regarding artistic process today. I want to thank all of the artists that submitted to this exhibition. This has been a really amazing experience for me. I can’t wait to see the show realized, and I can’t wait to meet everyone.

Lastly, I would like to thank Phil Hutinet and Dolly from Gallery O. It has been an honor and pleasure to work with you on this exhibition.”

– Amy Cavanaugh Royce

About Juror Amy Cavanaugh Royce

Amy Cavanaugh Royce has been a Baltimore city resident since 2004. She took her role as Executive Director at Maryland Art Place (MAP) in January 2012 steering MAP back to its original home, located within the Bromo Tower Arts and Entertainment District. Within in her first years at MAP, Amy worked closely with the Board of Trustees, Staff and Program Advisory Committee to more broadly engage the Maryland statewide arts community, and to amplify the organization’s program initiatives. Today, and under her leadership, MAP has expanded its mission beyond the visual arts by becoming an incubator space for a variety of creative enterprises and artists. Prior to her work at MAP, Amy was the Vice President and COO of ARCH Development Corporation in Washington, DC where she was most notably known for co-founding Honfleur Gallery. Amy is a cellist, native Washingtonian and Alumni of the Catholic University of America.