Flux Studios Hosts Its First Annual Cups Show

By Michael Janis on December 12, 2013
FLUX.Freund 2
Brett Freund










Event: Saturday December 14 from noon to 5pm


Gateway Arts District’s Flux Studios in Mount Rainier will be hosting its First Annual Cup Show, . The focus of the exhibit & sale is on the variety of ways artists explore the cup, in functional, sculptural, traditional and non-traditional forms.

FLUX.Groves 1
Bianka Groves

A cup show – amongst ceramic enthusiasts – is popular as a cup is often the most personal and the most used of handmade pots. Cups are communal yet individual, for everyday use or special occasion, utilitarian and/or sculptural, formal and/or conceptual, and can stand on their own or be members of larger sets.

FLUX.debra fritts (deb001)
Debra Fritts

To the potter, it can be a sketch for a more complex idea. In terms of sales it serves as financial bread and butter for many ceramic artists. It is the most common yet can also be complex.

FLUX.Freund 1
Brett Freund

Said Flux Studio founder Novie Trump: “A cup can be intensely personal; it’s something that one will interact with every day – the piece comes truly alive in the user’s hand”.

Works on exhibit/for sale by:

  • Mary Cloonan
  • Brett Freund
  • Debra Fritts
  • Yoshi Fujii
  • Bianka Groves
  • Jeff Herrity
  • Bryan Hopkins
  • Matt Hyleck
  • Elizabeth Kendall
  • Tamara Laird
  • Laurel Lukaszewski
  • Alfredo Ratinoff
  • Novie Trump

Flux Studio’s First Annual Cup Show
Saturday, December 14th, 2013 – Noon to 5pm
3708 Wells Avenue, Mt. Rainier, MD 20712