Vivid Solutions Print Lab of Anacostia Transforms Political Cartoons into Fine Art

By Phil Hutinet on February 17, 2012
Fine arts printing washington dc Vivid solutions print lab
Attendees at Art Soiree’s Apocalyptoon January 26, 2012.


Organized by Sandro Keresa of Art Soiree, ApocalypTOON 2012 was a first of its kind, pop-up style exhibition that took place at Artisphere in Arlington, VA on January 26.  The exhibition took a humorous look on the year to come. Will the world truly end in 2012?  Who knows but leave it to political cartoonists to use Mayan doomsday predictions as fodder for their oeuvre!

Vivid Solutions DC Print Lab, acting in the capacity of an official sponsor, printed the works of several international political cartoonists at their state-of-the art print lab in Anacostia.   Vivid Solutions is a project of the ARCH Development Corporation which also owns and operates The HIVE, Honfleur Gallery and an artist residency program.

Featured works were drawn by renowned international editorial and political cartoonists: Kal of The Economist, Tom Toles of The Washington Post, Jeff Danziger (Los Angeles Times, Huffington Post), Daryl Cagle of MSNBC, Matt Wuerker of Politico, Damien Glez (Le Monde, Courrier International, La Gazette) and Dan Piraro of Bizzaro.

The walls of Artisphere were splashed with political and social commentaries delivered to the viewer through witty one liners. The exhibition gave event goes the feeling as if  they had walked into the comic page of the Sunday paper with choice black and white and colored pieces along the walls of the exhibition space. The night was rounded out by some great music from Toles band and the hefty beats from DJ Neekola and DJ Manifesto.

For more information about Vivid Solutions DC Print Lab, contact Andrea Hope, Director of Digital Productions via Email at or by Phone: 202.758.0339.  The print lab is located at 2208 Martin Luther King Jr. Ave. SE (MLK) Washington, DC 20020