A Reader’s Guide to East City Art

A Reader’s Guide to Understanding East City Art’s Online Publication

What is East City Art?
East City Art is an online publication dedicated to covering the visual arts in the DC region

Who runs East City Art?
East City Art is owned and operated by East City Art Media LLC, a DC-based company.  For more information about who makes up ECA, read our Masthead.

What is an online publication?
An online publication can take on many forms but most commonly it is a website. One of the advantages of an online publication is that, unlike print publications which have a “shelf life” after which they are discarded, all the content on East City Art is static and retrievable via the search bar at the top of the page.

How often do you publish?
We publish ECA’s Weekly Events List Mondays.  Calls for Entry and News Briefs are published Tuesdays.  Profiles, Features and Reviews are published throughout the week. Nothing gets published during holiday weeks, the last two weeks of August and the time between Christmas and New Year’s Day.

How do I find events like art openings, calls or classes?
See a detailed description of our bulletin board below or use our search bar located on the top right hand corner of the desktop site or just below the logo on your mobile device.

How do I get a listing published in East City Art?
Follow our publication guidelines which are listed here and if your request meets the requirements and is submitted on time, we will post the information you provide as a courtesy.  East City Art uses a form submission system which is sent by invitation.

How do I get a review?
Writing is either assigned by the Publisher or an exhibition is selected by the writer.  You may request to have an exhibition reviewed but we cannot guarantee coverage. If you make a request, we strongly suggest you give us at least six to eight (6-8) weeks of lead time.  However, we will always post a listing so long as it conforms with our publication guidelines and deadlines (see above).

East City Art’s Bulletin Board

Weekly Events List
Published on Mondays, except holiday weeks, the Weekly Events List compiles a near-exhaustive list of all the known gallery openings, fairs, festivals, artist talks, workshops and other visual art happenings of the week.  The title of each offering is linked to an individual post which contains more detailed information including location and contact information, artist(s) bio(s), etc.  .

Openings & Events
These are individual listings of gallery openings, museum exhibitions, fairs, festivals or other visual art events.  They are posted on Mondays, except holiday weeks.  A complete list of all exhibitions currently on view are posted in descending order, by soonest closing date. Opening reception dates are listed as well. Each posting generally contains contact information of the listing organization and other relevant information such as location and hours of operation.

Calls for Entry
A list of visual art jobs, opportunities to show work, grants and fellowships are listed here.  The posts are listed by coming deadline.

Artist Talks
Artist talks, curator talks, tours and discussions by and for artists are all listed here.  In some instances, the Artist Talk is cross-listed in the Opening & Events Section and vice-versa.

Classes & Workshops
All classes $10 and under are listed in this section.  Classes which are $11 and over are paid for by advertisers.

NOTE: all information posted on East City Art’s Bulletin Board is provided by third parties and not independently verified by East City Art Media LLC or its affiliates.  The information is deemed reliable but not guaranteed.


Original Content

Reviews are written by East City Art’s group of writers.  East City Art’s style of art writing is simple—our goal is to clearly explain to a general audience what is being shown and why it matters. Our writers adhere to this basic principle when reviewing work.

These articles follow a more traditional path, that is, they describe events or places in short-form style

East City Art’s writers profile regional artists, organizations, curators and arts administrators. This is the section where you will find this type of essay.

News Briefs

What is a news brief?  A new brief is a headline about DC art happenings.  For example, which organization just hired a new executive director? Who received a grant?  Who are the finalists of a major regional competition?  This section is where you can keep up with the ever-changing landscape of the DC art world!


East City Art Newsletter

DC’s original newsletter since 2010.  Often imitated but never duplicated, East City Art’s newsletter has been a primary source of local art information since we were the first to offer an email newsletter format in April, 2010.  The newsletter provides a digest of the bulletin board, news briefs, calls for entry and original content like the week’s reviews and profile.  Subscribe to the newsletter HERE.


East City Art’s Artist Directory

The Artist Directory is a compendium of artists who mostly live and work in the DC metropolitan region. Each artist indexed in the Directory has elected to purchase a listing which functions as a classified ad of their profile and work.


Donate to East City Art

East City Art is a sponsored project of Fractured Atlas, a non-profit arts service organization. Contributions for the charitable purposes of East City Art must be made payable to “Fractured Atlas” only and are tax-deductible to the extent permitted by law.

Your contributions help us pay our editors and writers while sustaining our operating costs.  Even the smallest amount helps!  You may donate anonymously, make a one-time contribution or donate monthly.  Click on the link below to access our donations portal via Fractured Atlas.