​​Eaton Workshop​ Presents Another World is Possible (AWIP)

By Editorial Team on December 1, 2020

Thu, 03 December 2020 - Sun, 06 December 2020

Photo by Xin Li.
Event: December 3 – December 6, 2020

​​Eaton Workshop​, ​​a global purpose-driven hotel brand dedicated to social and environmental justice through the visual arts and beyond, presents Another World is Possible (AWIP)​, ​an impact-driven multimedia festival exploring diverse narratives of existence and resistance, beginning from the belief that personal, political and creative liberation are intricately interconnected​.​​ AWIP​​ will take place digitally from December 3 through 6, 2020, and will feature musical performances and panel discussions with the films’ subjects and other individuals fighting at the forefront of these struggles for justice. Registration is available here.

AWIP ​is not a film festival; it is a multimedia culmination of Eaton’s mission to champion grassroots social and environmental activism and center the voices of those most marginalized and oppressed. Through telling stories of emergent political action and personal belonging, ​AWIP works to inspire ​justice, liberty and peace​ by providing a space for artists, activists and viewers to imagine a new future. This commitment is further underscored by the fact that Eaton Workshop commissioned and produced nine of the ten short films on the festival lineup, which were shot across three continents from the United States to Argentina to Hong Kong.

“Through ​Another World is Possible​, the films are no longer just films, they become part of a larger social change movement,” said ​Katherine Lo​, founder of Eaton Workshop. “My vision for this festival is inspired by my formative years spent in the social and environmental justice movements of the early 2000s. This festival is a retrospective culmination of Eaton’s practice since its founding, honoring our commitment to progressive social change, emerging artists, grassroots activists, and intersectional calls to action. During this time of unparalleled global social, political, and ecological crises facing humanity and the planet, I believe more than ever in the power of independent media to catalyze a more just world.”

The festival’s title and mission are adopted from a 1994 communique penned by Subcomandante Marcos, entitled “…En Nuestros Sueños Hemos Visto Otro Mundo…”: In Our Dreams We’ve Seen Another World. Marcos, a spokesperson of the Zapatistas, an Indigenous liberation movement in Mexico, envisioned a future of justice and liberty for all, speaking to the liberatory spirit that animates ​Another World Is Possible.


The Condor and The Eagle (feature documentary)
Co-directors: ​Clement Guerra, Sophie Guerra
Never-before-seen images expose the global rise of land and water protectors across the Americas. In the midst of the burning of the Amazon, the mega-fires in Australia and global climate strikes, this award-winning documentary charts the ongoing collective climate awakening and the imperative of urgent change. As world climate scientists predict unprecedented global catastrophe, ​The Condor and the Eagle​ features Indigenous women leaders deploying unparalleled global responses

The Mother’s Heartbeat (short film)
Director and Producer: Eaton Workshop
A week after his viral confrontation with a group of MAGA hat-wearing teenagers on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial, Nathan Phillips, an Omaha elder and water protector, speaks from a tender heart. This short film is a glimpse of a long, emotional conversation on a rainy night at Eaton Radio in D.C. It’s neither a caricature nor a polemic. It’s just Nate, in his words.

Hibakusha (short film)
Director: Luke Adams
Producer: Eaton Workshop
American bomber the Enola Gay dropped an atomic bomb on the Japanese city of Hiroshima, killing 135,000 people and forever changing the world. Michiko Kodama is one of few living people who survived it, as a 7 year old girl. Now, she’s a global ambassador for peace and nuclear disarmament. In this short film, she shares her experience to inspire future generations to end the use of nuclear weapons.

Atención! Murderer Next Door (short film)
Director: Sean Mattison
Producer: Eaton Workshop
Members of H.I.J.O.S. (Sons and Daughters for Identity and Justice Against Forgetfulness and Silence) in Argentina attend an “escrache” protest. This form of direct action helped catalyze the reopening of human rights cases in Argentina and led to unprecedented convictions of former members of the military dictatorship. Directly from the victim’s families, this short film charts how “Escrache” direct actions took hold of Argentina in the 1990s as a way to demand justice and accountability for crimes left in impunity during ​Jorge Rafael​ Videla’s dictatorship

This Is My Home (short film)
Director: Gaby Magallanes
Producer: Eaton Workshop
Activist Holok Chen revisits his homeland in the ecologically significant wetlands of Nam Sang Wai, in the New Territories of Hong Kong—a region that is a point of contention between developers and conservationists. This short film is a meditation on land and its development, and how we come to find a home somewhere in between.

The Land (short film)
Director: Jesse Littlebird
Producer: Eaton Workshop
Director Jesse Littlebird, a Pueblo filmmaker from Albuquerque, asks “Who are these Americans?” with this evocative visual poem inspired by Kerouac, shot in seven days on across-country trip from L.A. to D.C. charting the historic and contemporary environmental justice struggles faced by communities of color. Jesse and the Eaton founding team journeyed across Turtle Island, centering the voices of Natives and POC and subverting the Great American Road Trip by listening to the heartbeat of the nation. This film weaves together vignettes from​ a Native American community fighting the Bayou Bridge oil pipeline in Louisiana, a Vietnamese-American community protesting the construction of a landfill and a power plant in their neighborhoods, a former slavery plantation in South Carolina and more.

No Justice No Pride (short film)
Directors: Katie Petitt, Sean Mattison
Producer: Eaton Workshop, Current Movements
No Justice No Pride (NJNP) is a D.C.-based activist group working to end complicity and oppression in the LGBTQ+ movement that marginalizes queer and trans individuals. The group’s members come together to recognize that there can be no pride for some without liberation for all. This 9-minute film centers around NJNP and its director Emmelia Talarico and organizing trainer Tiara Moten. In addition to finding ways to organize and raise awareness around the NJNP non-profit, Emmelia and Tiara provide housing and resources for transgender women in D.C., with the goal of creating long-term, holistic solutions to the systemic problems faced by trans communities.

Dreamrave (short film)
Directors: Adrian Yu, Tim Kosters
Producer: Eaton Workshop, Offline Projects
In an age of technological overreach, Dreamrave—a multimedia and electronic music installation co-curated by Eaton Workshop and Offline Projects that takes place during Art Basel—interrogates the intersection of the digital and physical via collective dreaming. Dreamrave originally existed as a four-act installation, which transformed Eaton HK into an ambient dream space, mimicking the stages of sleep, with visuals generated by online and in-person participants. This film, which shares its title, is an experimental art film that aims to capture the visceral experience of visiting the exhibition.

Movement (short film)
Director: ​Alice Rensy, Andreas Guzman
Producer: Eaton Workshop
This film is a short impressionistic record of Eaton HK’s 24 Hours Movement Festival in 2019, conceived as a homage to Hong Kong. Its original dance performances feature choreography ranging in scale from small physical gestures to a city’s collective transformation.

Like A Stone, Vain Hope (short film)
Director: Natalie Lo Lai Lai
Like A Stone Vain Hope ​is a​ three-minute video-art piece where a woman interrogates a plant, trying to tease out responses in vain. Holding nature up as a mirror for mankind, Lo’s photography, videos and installations reflect on a myriad of topics, from survival and supply chains to religion and freedom. But the artist is also hyper-aware of her own limitations in articulating nature—“after all, I’m a human being…”

Walking (short film)
Director: Kong Kee
Commissioned by​: Eaton Workshop
Walking ​​by legendary cyberpunk Hong Kong animator Kong Kee—the creator of Dragon’s Delusion—was produced for his 2020 ​Moon in the Water ​exhibition at Eaton HK’s Tomorrow Maybe gallery.​ This animated short film captures the sentiments of displacement, isolation and longing.

Street (short film)
Director: Kong Kee
Commissioned by​: Eaton Workshop
Street ​by legendary cyberpunk Hong Kong animator Kong Kee—the creator of Dragon’s Delusion—was produced for his 2020 ​Moon in the Water ​exhibition at Eaton HK’s Tomorrow Maybe gallery. This animated short film plays much like a visual diary, capturing the irreversibility of life thereby rendering every moment as unique to an experience, time and feeling.

River (short film)
Director: Kong Kee
Commissioned by​: Eaton Workshop
River​ by Kong Kee, a legendary cyberpunk Hong Kong animator and the creator of ​Dragon’s Delusion​, captures the sentiment of a post-apocalyptic city as everything is washed away: rubbish bins, street signs, relics, lovers and dreams. The film was produced for Kee’s 2020​ Moon in the Water​ exhibition at Eaton HK’s Tomorrow Maybe gallery

Unseen FM, Madre Tierra, Underdog, Native Son, Vegan Chicken and more

Eaton Workshop was founded by activist and filmmaker Katherine Lo in 2014 as a radical reimagining of a hospitality brand as a catalyst for progressive social change. Its pilot concepts, Eaton DC and Eaton HK, opened in Washington, D.C. and Hong Kong in the fall of 2018. Eaton is dedicated to shaping a more just world where all are liberated, providing a platform that holds space for belonging, expression, and collective change. This foundational mission guides all Eaton pillars: Hotel, House, Wellness, Culture, Media, and Impact. Diverging from the typical industry model that prioritizes profit without regard for people and planet, Eaton Workshop contributes to broader social transformation by building physical and digital spaces for kindred spirits to collaborate, commune, and create change.

Closed captioning will be available for all films and ASL interpretation will be available for all panel discussions.

Registration—​available here​—is free, with a suggested donation to one of Eaton Workshop’s Calls to Action. All donations will directly support Movement Rights’ work in recognizing Rights of Nature and stopping fossil fuel projects on Indigenous Land.