11:Eleven gallery Presents PANTONE BLACK

By Editorial Team on February 14, 2022

Sat, 19 February 2022 - Sat, 19 March 2022

Charles Jean-Pierre The Necessity of Remembering I, 2021. Acrylic collage on canvas 36” x 36”. Image courtesy of 11:Eleven gallery
Opening Reception: Saturday, February 19 from 3pm to 6pm
A Look Into Accra’s Artistic Journey: Friday, February 25
The Art of Wine Tasting (& Investing 101): Saturday, March 5 at 5pm
Artist Talks: Various TBD

In Partnership with Artfinder, 11:Eleven gallery is proud to present PANTONE BLACK.

Featuring artists from New York City, Newark, Baltimore and of course, Washington DC, PANTONE BLACK serves to challenge what many perceive to be a Black monolith and highlight the dichotomy of our experiences as Black people, while maintaining the festivity and joyous celebration of our diverse culture, our history and Fine Art.


Charles Jean-Pierre
Jean-Pierre is a US State Department Art in Embassies Artist. His work is in the permanent collection of the U.S. Embassy in Cotonou, Benin, Niamey, Niger and the Inter American Development Bank in Washington DC. He has participated in two Smithsonian exhibitions and has been invited by the Obama White House to speak on the role of the arts in youth justice. He has curated two exhibitions at the Embassy of Haiti and was commissioned to create works for the International Monetary Fund in 2017. Jean-Pierre has created public art in Cape Town, Pretoria South Africa, New York, Chicago, DC, Istanbul, Panama, Port-au-Prince, London, and Paris.

Jean-Pierre holds a Master of Arts from Howard University. Jean Pierre’s Studio | Gallery are at STABLE Arts in NE Washington, DC.

Marly McFly
Marly McFly is a self-taught artist from Newport News, VA. He began pursuing his passion for art as a child drawing everything from cartoons, comics, action figures and athletes.

Drawing influences from his surroundings, he incorporates the ever changing world of pop culture into his work, expressing his inner thoughts and experiences. These are captured through layers of bright bold colors and patterns coupled with popular and relevant images from his childhood which are utilized to express himself.

His work is the perfect mix of two prolific genres of contemporary art; pop and urban street art and has successfully exhibited in major international markets including New York, Paris and Tokyo, to name a few.

Mark Clark

Mekia Machine
Mekia Machine is a Jamaican-born artist who was raised in the USA for much of her life; she has a multidisciplinary practice that ranges across painting, sound, music and performance.

Her work investigates aesthetic and societal norms through conceptions of time, identity, memory, and place, specifically in cultures where loss and trauma is a substantial part of daily life.

In addition to exhibiting, Machine was one of the winners of This Art is Your Art, 2016 with Artsy, The Robert Rauschenberg Foundation and the White House Historical Association, for her short film on painting artist Alma Thomas’s portrait which was part of a 4-month installation and she was invited to join First Lady Michelle Obama at the Celebration of 20th Century Art in the White House and was awarded the fully funded Liquitex Just Imagine Residency in 2021.

Mekia graduated from Columbia University with a BA in Visual Arts (2019), and is currently living and working in Harlem, New York City, with her two daughters Taylor and Nola.

Born in southern Virginia during the seventies to a family where art was not practiced or encouraged. He was drawn instinctively to Chuck Jones’ cartoons, Norman Rockwell’s art, and Bob Ross’ PBS show. He would try to imitate their art while watching cartoons. Twenty years later, Qrcky began to paint – reverting to the kinds of self-expression he felt closest to as a child. Finding freedom in his art, he found his voice but exiled himself away from friends and family. Discovering that under emotional distress and displacement, he was able to focus and paint at his strongest while feeling content and whole.

Qrcky has six years of related work experience and a portfolio of varied accomplishments including exhibitions and academic achievements. He possesses a strong sense of artistry and forward-thinking that is consistently displayed across all art pieces. He is capable of communicating with clients regarding specifications for customized art pieces.

Raised in Newark, New Jersey at the height of the Black Power Movement, and during the eighties, as graffiti became the newest form of self expression, XPLOREFREEDOM realized early on, the joining of these ideals would be the inspiration for his work.

​The self-taught artist began experimenting with graffiti during the eighties and nineties. He began incorporating different mediums such as markers, watercolor, and even house paint—with spray paint always remaining a constant. Since that time, he has broadened his scope of work to now include materials such as, reclaimed wood, rich textiles, and many other unconventional items.

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