1314 1/2 Gallery Presents Fid Thompson Queer Enough Portrait Project

By Editorial Team on June 11, 2018

Thu, 07 June 2018 - Thu, 21 June 2018

Photo courtesy of 1314 1/2 Gallery.
Currently on view through June 21, 2018.

The Queer Enough Portrait Project is a layered exploration of queer imagination and representation through deeply unique and interactive portraits of members of DC’s queer community. The Exhibit will be open in June to coincide with LGBTQ+ Pride Month in DC. This is an opportunity to celebrate the multiple identities and experiences of DC’s queer community.

In the Queer Enough Portrait Project, photographer Fid Thompson has created a deeply collaborative and remarkably intimate queer body of work, one that challenges the power dynamic often present in more traditional portraiture, and invites participants to be integral to the process of presenting themselves to the world. Queer Enough consists of over twenty powerful portraits of queer-identified humans who collaborated with Fid to create their portrait. For each portrait, Fid had conversations with participants about what queerness means to them, and made portraits with them in a safe, intimate, empowering space. She then worked with each individual to add handwritten drawings and words – notes, letters, manifestos, mantras, memories, poems, secrets, prayers – to create a multilayered final portrait.

Open Hours:

  • Thursday, June 14th: 6pm – 8pm
  • Sunday, June 17th: 11am – 3pm
  • Thursday, June 21st: 6pm – 8pm

1314 1/3 Gallery is located at 1314 1/2 9th St. For more information, visit http://felicitythompson.com/queer-enough/.