2014 Anacostia Art and Reggae Celebration

By Editorial Team on June 24, 2014
DC-based Reggae band Proverbs will perform at the 8th anniversary of the Anacostia Art Gallery and Boutique. (Photo courtesy of Anacostia Art Gallery and Boutique)


S A T U R D A Y    J U N E    2 8   f r o m    4 p m   t o   1 0 p m
A N A C O S T I A    A R T    G A L L E R Y   A N D    B O U T I Q U E
E A S T   C I T Y   A R T

 P     R     E     S     E     N     T

 A   R E G G A E   &   A R T   F E S T I V A L   O N   T O P   O F   T H E   H I L L

C E L E B R A T I N G  8  Y E A R S  O F  A R T S  P R O G R A M M I N G

Join us at the Anacostia Art Gallery and Boutique for a summer solstice exploration of Anacostia with art, food and music with live performances by DC reggae band Proverbs. 

F  R  E  E  !

Frederic Douglas House. Photo by Walter Smalling for the Historic American Buildings Survey.
Frederic Douglas House. Photo by Walter Smalling for the Historic American Buildings Survey.

On your way over, do not forget to visit the FREDERICK DOUGLAS  HOUSE.  Use the entrance at the corner of 15th and W Streets SE to access the property.

See all of DC at Our Lady of Perpetual Help's parking lot.
See all of DC from Our Lady of Perpetual Help’s parking lot.

Just before you join us at the gallery, check-out the local overlook in the parking lot at  OUR  LADY  OF  PERPETUAL  HELP  located at 1600 Morris Road SE and see the expansive views of DC from the crest of Anacostia’s Hills.  Revel in what locals East of the River have known for decades!  

Anacostia Smithsonian Community Museum
Anacostia Smithsonian Community Museum

Also don’t forget to check out the  SMITHSONIAN  ANACOSTIA COMMUNITY  MUSEUM  right across the street from the gallery. 

Note: this event is appropriate for people of all ages; the Frederick Douglas House and Smithsonian Anacostia Community Museum both close at 5pm.



G  E  T  T  I  N  G     H  E  R  E

2 8 0 6   B R U C E   P L A C E   S E

C A R   Get driving directions from Capitol Hill here or pop in your own address.  Use the 11th Street Bridge if coming from Capitol Hill, Brookland or Trinidad.  If coming from I-695, exit at MLK Avenue SE.

P A R K I N G   Parking is plentiful at the Anacostia Smithsonian Museum, along Erie Street SE and Bruce Place SE.

B U S    M E T R O   From Anacostia Metro take either the W2 or W3 bus. Route details and full shuttle schedule found here (pdf).

B I K E   Get biking directions from Capitol Hill here or pop in your own address.  Google takes you down the Suitland Parkway trail and mercifully avoids the steep hill on Morris Road SE.  However, we have heard varying reports on the trail’s condition.

2806 Bruce Place SE.  You can't miss the gallery!
2806 Bruce Place SE.  You can’t miss the gallery!



P  R  O  G  R  A  M  M  I  N  G


A  R  T


  • Michael Brown
  • Larry Poncho Brown
  • Woodrow Nash
  • Nakazzi
  • Marvin Sin
  • Akosua Bandale
  • Diane Dale
  • Joyce Lomax
  • Kwasi Asare
  • Zoe
  • Charles Bibbs


M  U  S  I  C


P R O V E R B S   is a positive, unique, rootz reggae band utilizing strong lyrical content and musical expressions to uplift Rasta livity.  Proverbs is the only reggae band DC Metropolitan area to maintain the authentic sound of Rasta Roots Reggae Music.  Specializing in socially conscious roots, the band endeavors to promote Ancient Wisdom through the art of music, thereby spreading the spiritual message of JAH RASTAFARI through word power and sound.  Proverbs Reggae Band offers fans of all social economic and racial backgrounds a brand of MUSICAL POETRY, ROOTZ RASTA STYLE that definitely compels you to get on your feet and dance when the rhythm hits you!

B A N D   M E M B E R S   I N C L U D E:

  • Ras Ziah Ayubu Manager-Lead Vocals-Songwriter-Rhythm Guitar
  • Sven Abow  Percussionist-Drummer-Background Vocals
  • Udoh Upiotennione Saxaphone-Background Vocals
  • Freedome / Yolanda Vocals
  • CeeJay Bass


S  P  O  N  S  O  R  S