UPDATED 34zero9 Art studios Presents “All at Once”

By Editorial Team on January 19, 2016
Work by John Adams courtesy of 34zero9 Art studios.
Work by John Adams courtesy of 34zero9 Art studios.


UPDATED Reception: Saturday, January 30 from 5:30pm to 8pm


34zero9 Art studios presents “All at Once” a solo exhibition by resident artist John M. Adams in the Micro Gallery. The gallery will be hosting a reception for this exhibition from 5:30-8pm on Saturday, January 23, 2016.

In conjunction with this event, resident artists Barbara Januszkiewicz (www.barbaraj.info), Paula Bryan, and John M. Adams (www.thefullempty.com) will open their studios to the public to share their artwork and creative process.

Guest artist Jennifer Lillis (www.lillisart.com) will also be displaying her work during the open studio/reception.

“All At Once: New Paintings by John M. Adams” will feature a selection of paintings from 2015 and 2016 in the Micro Gallery located on Kansas Street near the entrances the art studios. The Micro Gallery is Arlington’s newest space for viewing innovative contemporary artwork by local artists. Due to its unique “window” format, it can be viewed by the public 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Adams describes his work:
“My artwork activates the perceptual connection between artist, object (or environment), and viewer. In this new body of work I am continuing my exploration of the art object (or installation) as a catalyst for contemplation and meditation for viewer as well as the artist.

The process combines thoughtful planning combined with intuitive, reactionary mark-making within the structure of the environment or painting support, requiring me to be fully “present” and focused when creating the work. The work is designed to pull the viewer into the present moment through use of subtle color variations and pigments or surfaces that change as the viewer moves around the work, and information is presented in a new context. The physicality of the material, no matter how slight, is an important aspect of the work. Irregular forms and patterns found in the natural world inspire the brushstrokes. Drips emanating from the marks ground them in space and alter their visual weight and presence. These marks are juxtaposed with the structure of clean white panels or architectural spaces, causing the elements to resonate from this interaction.”

The artists of 34zero9 Art studios invite you to join them at the Micro Gallery and their studios for this celebration of the creative process during the open studio and reception. Visit with the artists in their studios and enjoy light refreshments and special treats while viewing a selection their latest work, which is available for purchase.

In their studios Barbara Januszkiewicz will be exhibiting her invigorating abstract acrylic paintings, Paula Bryan will be sharing her fabulously designed and expertly crafted textile work, guest artist Jennifer Lillis (www.lillisart.com) will be showing a selection her funky, intuitive abstract work in Januskiewicz’s studio, and John M. Adams (www.thefullempty.com) will be exhibiting several site-specific pieces in addition to a selection of drawings and paintings.

Resident artist Matthew Grimes (www.matthew-grimes.format.com) is currently on sabbatical in Chile, where he has several solo exhibitions and workshops at universities this spring. A selection of his ceramic and mixed- media collage work will be on view through his studio window during the open studio and opening reception event.

“All At Once: New Paintings by John M. Adams” will be on view 24 hours a day, 7 days a week from January 22-March 21. Upcoming exhibitions at the Micro Gallery include Guest artist Jennifer Lillis (www.lillisart.com), resident artist Paula Bryan, resident artist Barbara Januszkiewicz (www.barbaraj.info), and guest artist J.T. Kirkland (www.jtkirkland.com).

For more information about 34zero9 Art Studios and Micro Gallery please visit www.34zero9.wix.com/34zero9artstudios or contact John M. Adams at 202-557-9495 (john@thefullempty.com).

34zero9 Art studios is located at 3409 Wilson Blvd., Arlington, VA.