The 39th Street Gallery Presents Joanna Campbell Blake: Studio View

By Editorial Team on April 25, 2017

Sat, 29 April 2017 - Sat, 10 June 2017

Photo courtesy of The 39th Street Gallery.
Photo courtesy of The 39th Street Gallery.


Opening Reception: Saturday, April 29 from 6pm to 8pm

Read more about the artist’s life and legacy HERE


The 39th Street Gallery presents Joanna Campbell Blake: Studio View, curated by Margaret Boozer, J.J. McCracken, and John Paradiso, with contributions from Ike Blake, Pete Duvall, Frank Tybush and many others. The exhibition will include art and artifacts from Joanna’s studio including, photographs, macquettes, video, and her reference library.

About the Exhibition
The Exhibition Joanna Campbell Blake: Studio View was conceived as a way to acknowledge the first year anniversary of Joanna’s death, and as a way to thoughtfully archive and care for her work upon the dismantling of her studio, located a block from the Gallery on 38th Street.

Joanna was a member of the 39th Street Gallery’s artist advisory group, a group of artists from the region that were a resource for the gallery in its early years, helping to shape the focus and programming at the gallery and instill its mission as a resource for artists.

This exhibition is a catalyst for creating the Joanna Campbell Blake Stewardship Collection. This collection initiative invites stewardship of select art and artifacts by Joanna’s colleagues, family and friends. Programming during the exhibition includes workshops addressing packing, care and handling of items, with the anticipation of the work traveling for exhibition and/or placement in permanent collections.

39th Street Gallery is pleased to present previously unviewed raw footage of Joanna from the archives of History at Risk by documentarian Frank Tybush, and to facilitate Tybush’s new project honoring Joanna.

Photographs from the exhibition will be on sale with all profits going to fund the Stewardship Collection as well as the Joanna Blake Scholarship Fund at Auburn University.

More about artist:
Joanna Campbell Blake
May 22, 1977 – May 22, 2016
(Joanna died on her 39th birthday)

Joanna was a resident of Cottage City, Maryland and a native of Mobile, Alabama, with a studio in Brentwood, Maryland in the Gateway Arts District. An acclaimed sculptor, Joanna was a graduate of Theodore High School and Auburn University. Joanna was a key contributor to The National WWII Memorial. Her solo works include Undaunted in Battle a memorial for a battle from the War of 1812, bas-relief panels honoring slaves at the Alexandria Contrabands and Freedmen Cemetery in Virginia, an equestrian sculpture of Theodore Roosevelt, and many more. She was a rare talent with a beautiful and generous spirit.

Other Programming included during the exhibition:

  • May 13 from 12 8PM (Gateway Open Studio Tour and after party)
  • May 22 from 7-9PM, Birthday Pie on Joanna’s Birthday
  • TBA- Architect Davis Buckley and curators discussion of Virginia Women’s Monument
  • TBA- Stewardship Collection: Art Care and Handling Workshop

Gallery Hours:

  • Thursday: 7pm to 9pm
  • Saturday: 12pm to 3pm
  • by appointment

39th Street Gallery is located at 3901 Rhode Island Ave., Brentwood, MD