A Frame of Mine Presents Marie-B Cilia De Amicis Voyages

By Editorial Team on April 25, 2022

Fri, 01 April 2022 - Sun, 15 May 2022

Voyages by Marie-B Cilia De Amicis

Marie whistled before she talked. She was born in Africa where there is no winter and people love to whistle. Africa—where colors are magnificent, spices tickle the nostrils, and birds always sing. She has fond memories of riding the train, seeing the sun spread a glittering gold cape over the waves.

It is the beauty of fleeting moments like these that she works to capture through her photography — moments that in a second will not exist; moments where the light, the colors, and the creatures are in perfect harmony and become an exceptional whole; moments that stir her soul.

She travels to distant parts of the world. Her main interest is people and cultural diversity. Her goal is not only to capture such moments for myself, but to also be a witness for others who may not have this opportunity, and to show how beautiful diversity is, and how our differences make us greater.

She is a mix — Sicilian, Italian, Maltese. Moving to France and then to Washington DC, she has learned to adapt and to appreciate different ways of life which nourish her fascination for different cultures.

Her love affair with photography began with a simple camera at age 12. She now uses a digital one and makes prints on archival paper, acrylic, Maplewood, and aluminum.

With her exhibit Voyages, she invites you to a journey through the most beautiful parts our wonderful planet.

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