Adah Rose Gallery Presents Brian Dupont and Alan Steele The Impulse For Keeping A Record

By Editorial Team on November 7, 2016

Sun, 13 November 2016 - Sun, 15 January 2017

Photo courtesy of Adah Rose Gallery.
Photo courtesy of Adah Rose Gallery.


Opening Reception: Sunday, November 13 from 12pm to 3pm


Brian Dupont
Brian Dupont’s text-based paintings focus on how the visual aspects of information are conveyed—or distorted—within the framework of abstract painting. He uses snippets of found text in his work, including poetry by H. L. Hix, Richard Serra’s verb list drawing, tweets from friends, writings by Samuel Beckett and Thomas Pynchon, poetry and the transcript from the Richard Prince art appropriation case. His recent work addresses the visual possibilities inherent in language; he takes the written (or printed) word as source material, stressing and distorting the text through a process of painting, erasure and repainting.

Brian was born in Tacoma, Washington and currently resides in Brooklyn, New York. He received his MFA in Painting from Cornell University in 2000 and his BFA in Painting from the Kansas City Art Institute in 1996. His solo exhibitions include Adah Rose Gallery, The Soapbox Gallery, New York; The Scene Gallery, New York; Olive Tjaden Hall Gallery, Cornell University; and Kansas City Art Institute Gallery. He has also exhibited at Skydive Art Space, Houston; Kianga Ellis Projects, Brooklyn; Crossing Art Gallery, Theodore Art and Glitch Gallery. Brian has exhibited at PULSE New York, PULSE Miami, The Silicon Valley Art Fair and the Dallas Art Fair.

Alan Steele
Architectural, mathematical and mechanical, the work of Alan Steele employs a variety of systems that are diverse. His pieces showcase an exacting and intellectual pursuit of ideas arising from post minimalism. Alan uses different techniques of mark-making, lettering, and drawing in piecing together his refined and exquisite works on paper. Some of the systems Alan employs include a “doorway like” image or portal, planes of color with intricate labyrinths of lines and repetition, grids using text and typography. For Alan there is no no beginning and no end but an infinite continuum. There is a monumentality in Alan’s art, both in their visual impact and in their concept. Alan utilizes fragmentation to deliberately create a sense of disruption and completeness in his art.

Alan Steele was born in Caracas, Venezuela and grew up in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. He received his BFA from the School of Visual Arts in New York and his MFA from the Rhode Island School of Design. Alan traveled extensively in South America and developed a passion and an expertise as a dealer and curator in Tribal Art. He has lived and worked in New York for many years. Past shows include Adah Rose Gallery,Kinz and Tillou, Project Grad NYC, Frank Gabriel, John Weber Gallery and Arttrax Gallery. Alan has exhibited at PULSE Miami, PULSE New York, Art Miami New York and the Silicon Valley Art Fair. This is Alan’s second show with Adah Rose gallery.

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