Adah Rose Gallery Presents The Revolution Will be Painted: Deux

By Editorial Team on March 14, 2016

Thu, 17 March 2016 - Sun, 17 April 2016

Photo courtesy of Adah Rose Gallery.
Photo courtesy of Adah Rose Gallery.


Opening Reception: Saturday, March 19 from 6:30pm to 8:30pm


Anne Sherwood Pundyk is a New York based painter showing an expansive new body of work, The Revolution Will Be Painted: Deux. Anne’s paintings display an unruly pyrotechnical use of color formed around the journey of the hero. Anne reveals the evolution of her thought process through diverse formats including a selection of oil and acrylic paintings on linen and works on paper. The progression culminates in a large unstretched canvas.

Anne produced the paintings over the last year in her studio on the East End of Long Island. Inspired by the flow of natural elements and the cycle of the seasons, she links this wild energy in her work to her engagement in feminist publishing and performance projects outside her studio. For Anne, painting engenders an appreciation for the virtue of changeable, independent mindset.

Anne was born in Manhattan and returned there to live and work 27 years ago. She moved throughout the United States and spent formative years living just outside Washington DC within blocks of the Adah Rose Gallery. DC gave Anne an in-depth introduction to both the arts and activism. She joined the major Washington peace and civil rights protests and regularly visited the museums on the Mall. Anne studied in her youth at the Corcoran School of Art and at Georgetown Day School with abstract painter Sam Gilliam. Another important influence was her study of modern dance. The connection between painting, dance, music and activism are primary inspirations for the artist. She received her BA from Pomona College and her MFA from the Rhode Island School of Design. Anne has exhibited and has work in collections throughout the United States and Europe. Anne will be exhibiting in a solo show at Christopher Stout Gallery in New York in April.

Gallery Hours:

  • Thursday-Sunday: 12 to 5:30pm or by appointment

Adah Rose Gallery is located at 3766 Howard Ave., Kensington, MD. For more information, visit or call 301-922-0162.