Adah Rose Gallery Presents Nathan Loda and Tim Vermuelen Altered Landscapes

By Editorial Team on November 28, 2022

Sat, 03 December 2022 - Sun, 15 January 2023

Mystery Pond by Nathan Loda.
Opening: Saturday, December 3 from 5pm to 7pm

Join Adah Rose Gallery for the opening of “Altered Landscapes,” two solo shows with two figurative oil painters.

Nathan Loda’s newest paintings stem from an unfathomable sense of wonder at the beauty of nature and its alluring mystery. Nathan marvels at a landscape bathed in the light of the moon. In the cool palette of blues and greens, he feels all the primeval fears of the unknown darkness as well as its attraction. His interest in the convergence of light and dark stems from art history, mythology and more current color theory. He hopes to bring a moment of clarity…where the darkness is fragmented by. a particle of color and radiance.

Nathan is an American realist oil painter. Nathan grew up in Northern Virginia and currently resides in Homer, New York. While studying art, Nathan took numerous trips to Latin America, visiting Argentina, Uruguay, Peru, Honduras, and Nicaragua. He received a BFA from Shepherd University and an MFA at George Mason University. He has exhibited in numerous shows throughout the United States and is in many private and public collections. This is his second show with Adah Rose Gallery.

Tim Vermeulen’s recent body of paintings reflects the global transformation and traumatization of our exterior world as well as our internal psyches. These works echo the isolation and uncertainty that are a symptom of the pandemic and a changing environment. All around us we see the wounds and the scars that have devastated our degraded landscapes and eco-systems as well as our bodies, minds and spirits.

Tim lives and works in Silver Spring Maryland, just outside Washington, DC. He earned a BA at Calvin College and an MFA at the University of Illinois. Tim has exhibited in numerous solo, duo and group shows. Recent shows include Alida Anderson Arts Projects, George Billis Gallery, and Adventureland Gallery. He is in many private collections. Tim has exhibited in several Carte Blanche shows at Adah Rose Gallery; this is his first solo show with the gallery.

Adah Rose Gallery is located at 3770 Howard Ave., Kensington MD.