Addison/Ripley Fine Art Presents Nancy Sansom Reynolds unwinding

By Editorial Team on September 4, 2019

Sat, 07 September 2019 - Sat, 12 October 2019

Nancy Sansom Reynolds, unwinding 1, 2019, laminated plywood and acrylic paint, 15 x 5 x 8 inches.
Opening Reception: Saturday, September 7 from 4pm to 7pm

Addison/Ripley Fine Art is pleased to welcome Nancy Sansom Reynolds back to the gallery for a fifth time to exhibit her new series, “unwinding” inspired by rolled and unrolled origami paper. Like the paper these sculptures are inspired by, each one has a lightness, an almost fragile quality which defies the presumed characteristics of the shaped plywood in which the artist works. As before, Sansom Reynolds cites as inspiration the clarity and sharpening of senses that life in the desert has afforded her and her work.

Also evident in this body of work is the tension created by painted surfaces on one side versus the opposite side of the work where the natural color of plywood is visible. In her inside/outside color and her winding and unwinding the artist has captured an inherent balance not unlike an ocean wave caught in a camera frame. The sculptures seem to push away from the walls on which they hang yet their delicate forms seem, cloud like, to defy gravity.

Like Washington artist Anne Truitt who said, “I’ve struggled all my life to get maximum meaning in the simplest possible form.” Sansom Reynolds strives for that quintessential form that combines contemplative stillness and skillful manipulation of the medium. And like Louise Nevelson whose surprising statement, “true strength is delicate”, belied the visual authority of her work, Sansom Reynold’s soft forms hang in marked contrast to the powerful statement they make in seemingly effortless suspension. All work in this series bears the “unwinding” title and each showcases the artist’s mastery of her medium.

In the careful, progressive manner in which she works, Sansom Reynolds reflects the observation made many years ago by Barbara Hepworth, that “[…] in a way carving is close to writing music – in so far as the composer takes in his whole work from beginning to end before he begins to write it down. Once you start it has its complete logic – it’s an inevitable procedure.”

Sansom Reynolds has been regularly exhibiting her work for more than 40 years, nationally and internationally. Her public commissions may be seen in Boston, Paris, Atlanta and Hong Kong as well as numerous other settings here and abroad. Her private collectors are equally widespread. She has taught in Arizona, Maryland and Virginia and currently works out of her studio in Clarkdale, Arizona.

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