African Art Beats Presents Méné Shaping Dreams

By Editorial Team on October 11, 2022

Sat, 15 October 2022 - Tue, 13 December 2022

Méné, Metamorphosis (2022), Acrylic on canvas, 36 x 36″ / 92 x 92 cm
Openings: Saturday, October 15 & Sunday, October 16 from 1pm to 6pm
Extended to December 13

The artist, who lives in Côte d’Ivoire, will be visiting for the event and will be present at the opening.

African Art Beats, a contemporary art gallery dedicated to artists from Africa and its diaspora, will open its exhibit Shaping Dreams – showcasing Méné’s latest work – on October 15 and October 16, 2022. The exhibit will remain on view until November 21, Extended to December 13, by private tour.

Méné has found his unique mode of expression in the purity and innocence of rock art (the prehistoric art found on cave walls). Inspired by palette, support and minimalist approach to shapes, he has created a vibrant world of fresh, friendly and expressive creatures. He paints with acrylic on canvas, adding at times kaolin for texture. In his search for the desired effect, he applies the paint not only with brushes, but also with twigs, pieces of wood that he has carved, and his fingers. His wide spectrum of bright colors adds diversity to the earth tones he favored earlier in his career and showcases his cheerful and positive approach to life. On a constant quest for self-discovery and authenticity, Méné lets himself be guided by his work: when he starts a new piece, he does so without a result in mind.

Méné returns regularly to the theme of The Dream, which designates the power of our minds to take us to places unknown. When we look at his paintings, our imagination takes flight. It is not oriented or constrained by what we see on the canvas and can roam as freely as his art.

Méné graduated from the School of Fine Arts in Abidjan. He earned immediate recognition for his work, which has been exhibited in Abidjan, Dakar, Paris, Barcelona, and Washington DC, and is featured in numerous collections, such as the Collection of HM Mohamed VI, King of Morocco.

You may read about the artist and his work here.

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