All We Art Presents New Art Resolutions

By Editorial Team on January 14, 2015

Sun, 11 January 2015 - Sun, 15 March 2015

Félix Ángel - Confidential - 2014 insert
Confidential by Félix Ángel. Photo courtesy of We All Art.


All We Art, a venue specializing in contemporary international art, with an emphasis on Latin America, opens New Art Resolutions.

In their first exhibition of 2015, All We Art will continue their strong commitment to sharing international art and culture with the Washington, DC community. The show will feature the work of Félix Ángel, José Bayro, Antonio Briceño, María Eugenia Dávila & Eduardo Portillo, Edgar Eendress, Gaudí Esté, Marta Luz Gutiérrez, Fabricio Lara, Dany Leriche & Jean Michel Fickinger, Jesús Matheus, Ana Schmidt and Rafael Vargas Suárez.

Looking forward to New Art Resolutions and the 2015 exhibition calendar, founder Pablo Brito-Altamira says: “This is the moment to make the resolution to become or continue to be a collector. The idea of art as a real commodity is on the rise, specifically Latin American art.”

All We Art opened its doors in June 2014 with the exhibition Tierra de Gracia/Land of Grace: Venezuelan Contemporary Art. As an art gallery and boutique, All We Art, strives to serve as a multidisciplinary space dedicated to promote international cultural exchange through exhibitions, cultural programs and related services.

Featured Artists:

Félix Ángel
Born in Medellín, Colombia. Received his Baccalaureate at Colegio San José, in his hometown, in 1966. The same year, at night, studied painting and drawing at Medellin’s Institute of Fine Arts, receiving a half scholarship to continue his studies the following year, but instead enrolled in the School of Architecture of the National University of Colombia (1967), graduating as an Architect in 1974. Simultaneously with his architecture studies, he pursued his career as an artist, studied ceramics for two years with his Aunt Silvia Ferrer (1968-69), and taught at the Instituto de Artes and the Colegio Mayor de Antioquia, in the areas of architectural draftsmanship, and advertisement. Throughout a career that spans forty years, Félix Ángel has presented more 100 exhibitions in Argentina, Colombia, Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, El Salvador, Panamá, Peru, Puerto Rico, and The United States; participated in more than 300 art fairs, collective exhibitions and international competitions in the Western Hemisphere and Europe; executed several public commissions; and receive several distinctions and appointments, including awards at the biennials of Mexico City (1980), and Montevideo (Uruguay, 1981).

María Eugenia Dávila & Eduardo Portillo
María Eugenia Dávila and Eduardo Portillo are currently exhibited at the Museum of Art and Design (MAD).
Eduardo Portillo: Born in Jajó, Venezuela, 1966; María Eugenia Dávila, born in Mérida, Venezuela, 1966; live and work in Mérida, Venezuela. Dávila and Portillo are interested in representing experiences in materials and processes that bear the imprint of people and places, and reveal the relationships between people and their environments. When they decided to work with silk, they were compelled to travel to China and India to study and research their age-old practices of sericulture. Their experiences were crucial to their training. They have always been passionate about knowledge, experimentation, and especially its reinterpretation within their own place and culture, in Mérida, in the Venezuelan Andes. They also work with local materials, such as cotton and alpaca from Peru and Bolivia, fiber from the moriche and chiqui-chique palm trees of the Orinoco River Delta and Amazon region, as well as dyes from the indigo plant. For them color is crucial. Their interest in color starts at its very foundations: how it is obtained, where it is found in nature, in objects, in people. Through color they discover the way to follow each project.

Dany Leriche & ean Michel Fickinger
Dany Leriche and Jean Michel Fickinger live and work in France. Their artistic collaboration was born at the same time of their first meeting, 20 years ago. From the start, they lead us onto a second reading of the image of women in the history of Western painting. Today, they travel throughout Africa, drawn by the mysteries of certain customs that have survived, and lead research on those spiritual minorities that show resistance to globalization and scientific materialism. In the long term, their work consists of exploring the source of different cultures, particularly as they question the interactions between identity and ceremonies for the sacred.

Leriche and Fickinger show their work in galleries and museums as well as in cultural centers in France and abroad, including Korea, Brazil and Canada. They have been recognized with the Villa Médicis Hors les Murs in 2006 for their work in Mali, an artist residency at the Sacatar Institute in Brazil in 2009, and the Mention spéciale du jury of the Prix Scam Roger Pic in 2011 for their seriesChasseurs de l’invisible. Dany Leriche teaches Visual Arts at the University of Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne. Jean Michel Fickingerteaches photography at the École Nationale Supérieure d’Art de Nancy.

Fabricio Lara
Fabricio is the son of the renowned artist, Gustavo Lara Torres and nephew of equally renowned Raúl Lara Torres who works mystical realism into traditional Bolivian subjects. He studied art at the Universidad Mayor de San Andrés in La Paz and started his career as an artist during the 1990’s. He is also an influential member of the “Generation of the 90’s” in Bolivia. His work is figurative with hints of expressionism. The theme is related to the ancestral flow of myths, beliefs and inherited customs. Fabricio’s works are reminiscent of cave paintings and often represent symbolic animals from the Andean world such as the Condor, Bull and Horse.

Rafael Vargas Suárez
Rafael Vargas-Suarez, who signs his artworks as “Vargas-Suarez Universal”, is an artist based in New York. He was born in Mexico City and raised in the Houston, Texas suburb of Clear Lake City, adjacent to the Johnson Space Center (NASA). From 1991 to 1996 he studied astronomy and art history at the University of Texas at Austin and moved to New York City in 1997. He is primarily known for large-scale murals, paintings, drawings, and sound recordings. He sources American, Russian, European, Canadian and Japanese spaceflight programs, astronomy, and aerospace architecture to create commissioned, studio-based and public artworks for museums, galleries, private and public spaces.

All We Art is located at 1666 33rd Street, NW. For more information about the show or to schedule an interview, please contact or visit