American Painting Fine Art Presents Art For Humanity Group Exhibition

By Editorial Team on May 5, 2022
Andrei Kushnir, Twilight, 24″ x 48″ Oil

The war in Ukraine has had an immediate impact on gallery owner and artist Andrei Kushnir, who is of Ukrainian descent.  Close friends and extended family in Ukraine, affected by the horrific conflict, have been communicating the fear, anxiety and terror experienced as missiles and ordinance has fallen all around them, their families and neighbors.  The local Washington D.C. area Ukrainian American community has responded by organizing fundraisers, donation points for clothing and medical items, packaging efforts in church halls, as well as prayer services, seminars, and demonstrations in front of the White House and Russian Embassy. Interestingly, many locals of Russian descent, and of other nationalities have joined in these efforts.  The outpouring of support has been noted in national and local media.

Kushnir, whose gallery specializes in American paintings, decided to join in the effort to support the embattled Ukrainians the best way he knows how: conducting a fundraiser to help with relief efforts.  “I have every expectation the Ukrainians will win, but the terrible wounds and grim death of innocent people caused by the war, and the extensive damage to the historic architecture, the infrastructure and landscape will take a long time to heal and repair, if ever,” the artist laments.

Gallery artists whose works are featured in the special exhibition are Alexangel Estevez, Michael Francis, Andrei Kushnir, the late Ross Merrill, Carol Spils and Michele Martin Taylor.  The paintings will include new work as well as favorites from the gallery’s unique collection.

50% of the proceeds of all sales of artwork will be donated to the Ukrainian Red Cross every time a painting acquires a new owner. The entire exhibition is also displayed on the gallery website,

Regular Gallery hours:

  • Wednesday through Saturday, by appointment from 11 AM to 7 PM.

Admission is free.

American Painting Fine Art is located at 5125 MacArthur Blvd. NW, Suite 17.