Amy Kaslow Gallery Presents BARK!

By Editorial Team on February 1, 2021

Tue, 02 February 2021 - Sun, 14 March 2021

Florida Rainbow Eucalyptus Tree, Eucalyptus Deglupta. Full immersion metallic paper, ¼ inch acrylic face-mount. Image courtesy of Amy Kaslow.
On View: February 2 – March 14, 2021

BARK!, a stunning array of the tree’s most intricate and protective armor, opens February 2nd through March 14th at Amy Kaslow Gallery, in Washington, DC.

The exhibition includes more than a dozen large-scale fine art photographic works, all close ups capturing nature’s brilliant color, texture and form. Think deeply-pitted Royal Palms studded with brilliant hues of lichen, smooth and dense Maryland Beech splashed with “flowers” pretty enough to pluck, Argentinian Sycamore as detailed as an etching in muted creams and greys, and the shocking “color wheel” tones painted on Rainbow Eucalyptus.

About the Artist
A Washington DC native, Kaslow opened Amy Kaslow Gallery in 2020 to show fine art that celebrates the natural world in content, form, and medium. It’s a new direction for the longtime journalist/photographer and publisher of K/NOW. Her LIfe After War exhibitions have traveled across the country: large-format portraits of from El Salvador to Nigeria, of victims, perpetrators, eyewitnesses, and survivors, each paired with storyboards exploring how human resilience meets threatening, often deadly challenges.The Palmer Gallery, Vassar College, University of Maryland’s Center for Conflict Resolution, Northwestern University’s Kellogg School, New York’s Chinatown Soup Gallery and the IATI Blackbox theater, U.S. Library of Congress, among her exhibition venues.

“Human nature is full of flaws. Mother Nature’s more than an essential elixir, she’s our example. Take tree bark, which mesmerizes with detail, it grows, protects and adapts.”

BARK! follows the Gallery’s fall/winter exhibition of British colorist Jane Kell’s abstract landscapes and Brandon McDonald’s pen and ink works “Rocks,Creeks and Woodlands.” Spring and Summer exhibitions include Noah James Saunders’ lifesize stainless steel installations of the human form; indigenous, richly-hued rugs created by women in the highlands of Guatemala; and the sleek organic wood wall and floor pieces from Virginia sculptor Renee Balfour.

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Amy Kaslow Gallery is located at 4300 Fordham Rd. NW.