Anacostia Arts Center Presents Cheap Thrills Group Exhibition

By Editorial Team on September 13, 2016

Fri, 16 September 2016 - Sat, 29 October 2016

Inside by Lyric Prince. Courtesy of Anacostia Arts Center.
Inside by Lyric Prince. Courtesy of Anacostia Arts Center.


Opening Reception: Friday, September 16 from 6pm to 9pm


Anacostia Arts Center and Molly Ruppert present the return of Cheap Thrills, a group show of over 50 artists from the DC Metropolitan Area that will exhibit varied works all priced at $500 or less. The exhibition will include established artists and first-time exhibitors as well as a diverse range of media including sculpture, photography, painting, installation, and collage.

This is the second Cheap Thrills exhibition, and the new iteration includes more artists and work than the first show, which opened in 2014.

The artist roster includes established talents like Sondra Arkin and Andrew Wodzianski as well as many emerging artists, some of whom have not yet shown in a gallery setting.

Anacostia Arts Center Director, Kate Taylor Davis says, “This was one of the center’s most popular shows, and we are excited to mount another version! It’s a great way to connect artists to each other and cultivate art buyers at all levels. By encouraging novice collectors, this show is an excellent vehicle to support the local creative economy.”

Cheap Thrills is Molly Ruppert’s fourth show on Good Hope Road SE. Ruppert has curated and juried dozens of DC art shows for over 30 years. She is adored by many DC artists for giving them exposure and exhibition opportunities early in their careers.

Featured artists:
Krystal Alston, Nataliya Andreyeva, Sondra Arkin, Melanie Bikowski, Marie De Amici, Marilyn Banner, Sara Caporaletti, Alexandra Chiou, Mei Mei Chang, Irene Clouthier, Alonzo Crawford, Michael Crossett, Richard L. Dana, Gwynne Davis, Jared Davis, Cheryl D. Edwards, Diane English, Dorothy Fall, Diana Gabler, Patricia Goslee, Aisha Graham, Sherill Anne Gross, David Allen Harris, Shawn G. Hart, Brittany Harvey, Eve Hennessa, Torrance Hill, Ashley Ja’nae, Seth Kaplan, Zofie Lang, Megan Maher, Azita Mashayekhi, Nahid Navab, Anna Northrup, W. L. Pierce, Kelly Posey, Lyric Prince, Milind Raj, Lisa Rosenstein, Arshum Rouhanian, Alma Selimovic, Alexandra Silverthorne, Steven Stichter, Veronica Szalus, Karen Joan Topping, Ruth Trevarrow, Jenny Walton, Alice Whealin, Angela White, Demetria Willis, Sharon Wise, Andrew Wodzianski

Gallery Hours:

  • Tuesday – Saturday: 10am to 7pm
  • Sunday: 10am to 3pm

Anacostia Arts Center is located at 1231 Good Hope Road SE.