Anacostia Arts Center Presents Qrcky Taboo

By Editorial Team on October 2, 2017

Sat, 07 October 2017 - Tue, 31 October 2017

Photo courtesy of the artist.
Opening: Saturday, October 7

The Anacostia Arts Center will present Taboo, an exhibition illuminating the relationship between religion and art. The presentation will feature a selection of rarely shown paintings, many of which have never before been on view, to explore the scriptures of the Bible through art — not so much to find answers but to gain clarity. In this solo art exhibition, Qrcky incorporates religious iconography to explore the difference between challenging tradition or rejecting it.

Qrcky’s work tends to focus on social commentary, daily routine, human nature, street art, cubism, abstract, the environment and man’s consequences on nature, ethical issues and the black experience. Some reviewers have labeled his work as ‘dark humor’ but he always tries to depict a positive message too. Qrcky didn’t set out to be a street artist or a social commentator, but as his portfolio developed and people reviewed his work, descriptions emerged “I too noticed a pattern I hadn’t intended but am now pleased with.”

Qrcky doesn’t offer explanations for his artwork because he hopes that the paintings speak for themselves and the viewer receives the message they want to receive. Their message is the right message because there isn’t one right or wrong message to interpret. “Each person takes away something a little different from the same painting — and I’m happy with that.”

Gallery Hours:

  • Tuesday – Saturday: 10am to 7pm
  • Sunday: 10am to 3pm

Anacostia Arts Center is located at 1231 Good Hope Road SE. For general information, call 202.631.6291 or visit the museum online at: