Anne Arundel Community College Cade Art Gallery Presents Hospitality – Counterbalance Venom

By Editorial Team on April 4, 2022

Fri, 01 April 2022 - Mon, 25 April 2022

Sue Wrbican, Before The Ghost, photography
Reception: Wednesday, April 6 from 5pm to 7pm


Irene Courtier, Curlee Raven Holton, Hendrick Sundqvist, Michelle Talibah, Sue Wrbican.

About the Exhibit
“Intersectional thinking at the crossroads of race and ethnicity, class and labor, gender and corporeality, not to mention climate change and ecological destruction, demands a combination of perspectives and methodologies to deal adequately with complex planetary dilemmas.” Hospitality is a concept which describes the welcoming of strangers, guests, and visitors as a host embodying acceptance of the environment, others, and self. Counterbalance is an influence that offsets opposing force. Venom is a poisonous substance secreted by animals by its bite and sting and requires an antidote to heal the victim; very analogous to a contemporary phenomenon known as ‘cancel culture.’ ‘Cancel Culture’ is a contemporary venom which operates to ostracize a human out of social or professional circles. Hospitality is a perspective which is an antidote to ‘cancel culture.’ The exhibit addresses through the language of visual arts how different perspectives can peacefully exist in the same space. A reference is seen in Theaster Gates’s Dorchester Art and Housing Collaborative (DAHC) (2002-ongoing,n.p.) Gates gives the explanation of the project as empowering community members to engage in the movement of radical hospitality by physically transforming their surroundings and filling them with beautiful objects, diverse people, and innovative ideas.

The work presented in this exhibit explores the value of hospitality as a metaphor to examine different ideas, unfamiliar cultural influences, and in some instances self-evaluation. The exhibit asks the question of whether radical hospitality can create a moment of acceptance of value of the environment, engaging others that are different from self, and participating in the exchange of ideas in a peaceful and kind way.

The artwork is remarkably diverse to include painting, drawing, printmaking, sculpture, photography, installation, and neon light work. The exhibit addresses issues of the environment, cultural influences, equality, abstract thought, and self-evaluation. Mostly it asks the viewer to see the work with an open mind and acceptance.

For example, the artwork and installation of Sue Wrbican addresses the issue of climate change, which calls for the viewer to consider the need to care for the land. Michelle Talibah sings a song in her work which is abstract and connotes thoughts of the ethereal and unseen. Hendrik Sundqvist’s prints layers a plethora of ideas which appear to coexist in the same space in harmony. Curlee Raven Holton’s work exhumes topics of self-evaluation, loss of intimacy and equality. Irene Courtier’s work embraces her cultural background and immigration. The sum of the exhibition calls for acceptance and freedom of expression in the work.

About the Curator
Cheryl D. Edwards is an African American artist and was born in Miami Beach, Florida. In the 1980s she studied drawing and painting under Ernest Crichlow at the Art Student League in New York City. In the art-making practice of Cheryl Edwards, creative investigative inquiry is inspired by familiar sources: human and political condition, spirituality and mythology, cultural custom and patterns and places. In the absence of the former (manifestations of energy), the physical aspects of place remain. Her medium is painting, mixed media and printmaking. She is currently represented by Gaby Mizes Fine Art.

About the Gallery
The Cade Center for Fine Arts Gallery is on the western side of AACC’s Arnold campus, 101 College Parkway. Located on the main floor of the Cade building on West Campus, The Cade Art Gallery at Anne Arundel Community College features seven exhibits a year. The span of exhibiting artists is broad, yet each exhibit is focused by theme or medium. Since March 2020 the Cade Gallery, Instagram account, @cadegalleryaacc has supported the galleries mission with content throughout the year.

Covid-19 Protocol
Masks are required. If you are not currently a student, please fill out a health attestation prior to entering the gallery. Attestations and a drop box will be available outside the gallery door.

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