April 2021 Exhibitions at Touchstone Gallery

By Editorial Team on April 12, 2021

Wed, 07 April 2021 - Fri, 07 May 2021

On display April 7 – May 7, 2021 at  https://www.touchstonegallery.com.
Upside Down-Right Side Up by Marcia Coppel.

Emerging from Isolation by Drawing Overlapping Nudes by Marcia Coppel  (virtual solo exhibit)
“Marcia Coppel’s drawings were made from drawing online models from Barcelona Spain using zoom. They were all created during the pandemic and helped her cope with the isolation. Coppel used ink and graphite on paper to depict nude female figures overlapping and emerging from each other. Her style of line drawings with a few touches of colored ink and graphite create dynamic and sometimes whimsical compositions made out of bodies. Even resting figures appear to be in motion, creating an illusion of constant movement.”

SOS-There Is No Planet B by Jenny Singleton.

But What Does It Mean?! by Jenny Singleton (virtual solo exhibit)
“The paintings I have selected for this show are abstractions intended to convey meaning as well as an aesthetic experience. My natural language as an artist has always been abstraction, and my focus has often been purely aesthetic, centering on color and calligraphic curves. In recent years, however, I have found my concerns over climate change and social justice making their way into my work via visual symbols, sometimes with a humorous component, that with a few explanatory words become readily apparent. I have no illusions about effecting social change through my art. As has been the case for me in making it, however, I hope it will provide viewers with a tool for reflection and an inspiration to pursue constructive ways of tackling these daunting issues. All of the artist’s proceeds from the sale of work in this show will be donated to these organizations: Earthjustice, International Rescue Committee (IRC), We Are Family DC, Whitman-Walker Health.”

Collective-Strength by David Sloane.

The Colors of Hope by David Sloane (virtual solo exhibit)
“As spring shrugs off the dark COVID winter, and Americans are getting vaccinated in record numbers, I see a glimmer of hope that normal life is gradually returning.  This recognition — which struck me like a bolt of lightning shortly after the New Year — prompted a frenzied effort to capture on canvas the welcome sense of hope and renewal welling up in me. The tantalizing prospect of again being able to resume the life I once took for granted (i.e., gathering with family and friends, going to the movies, or out to an art exhibit opening at Touchstone) is no longer an abstraction.  We humans are returning from the abyss — an abyss of hopelessness, death, distrust and fear.  And that is worthy of celebration … in this case a visual celebration!”