Embassy of Argentina Presents Paloma Marquez Open Borders

By East City Art Editorial Team on February 27, 2023

Thu, March 2 2023 — Fri, April 28 2023

Courtesy of the Embassy of Argentina.
Opening: Thursday, March 2 from 6pm to 8pm

RSVP: https://openborders.eventbrite.com

The Embassy of Argentina in Washington DC will present “Open Borders” its first exhibition of the year that brings together works by Paloma Marquez from La Rioja curated by Lorena Mercado. The exhibition is part of the Arts and Cultures Promotion Program from La Rioja and will be open from March 2 to April 28, 2023.

“Open Borders” brings together two different exhibitions of the same artists. One of them, “Distances and Proximities”, is a selection of acrylic paintings on canvas and the other is an interactive electronic art installation named “Petrolumen.”

On the series “Distances and Proximities,” Marquez’s works stands out a character that can be singular or plural. He was born in the artist’s adolescence, in her class notebooks when she lived in Chilecito (La Rioja, Argentina) and he accompanied her throughout all these years in her artistic career. This character represents the being that we carry inside. The singular represents the diversity, what is different, what is questioned. The plurality is within the society, the mass that is framed in common actions. Marquez narrates stories, highlights the everyday, real situations, and highlights them through this character.

“PetroLumen” is based on the concept that riverbeds are a prehistoric and constant source of movement. In their wake they draw rivers like veins that run for kilometers, building a path. Their flow presents an energetic, tireless and stubborn dance instinctively seeking its path. The work materializes as a sculpture of light. Its structure is made up of a series of crystal polyester resin rocks designed as unique pieces and located forming patterns of channels allegorical to the flow of water. Behind each translucent stone hides a light (LED RGB) and an electronic control system which provides the group of rocks with choreographic patterns of colors and rhythms, materializing the metaphor. The software will be developed according to the project and shared openly.

“’Open Borders’ is the result of hard work and planning to be able to manage the necessary connections to allow one to spread and promote the works of artists and cultural producers of the highest level from our local environment”, said Gabriela Pedrali, a National Congresswoman, who promotes this program that aim to get the recognition of local artists beyond the borders of their geographical limits. Pedrali added that “this initiative will strengthen the Regional and International political, cultural, commercial and touristic relationships.”

Pedrali also emphasized the importance of promoting the Arts, with the understanding that “they are the most authentic form of a society’s representation, endowed with identity, diversity of thought, loaded with traditions, ideologies and their people’s  history, which are transfused in the reaffirmation of the identity of the artists, being  expressed in each of their works.”

The program has been declared of “National Interest” by both the National Parliament and the Chamber of Deputies of La Rioja. It has also been declared a “Program of Cultural Interest” by the Secretary of Culture of the Government of La Rioja. It has the support of the Government of the Province of La Rioja, the Federal Investment Council and the National Parliament and works jointly with the Embassy of Argentina in  Washington and with the General Consulate and Promotion Center of the Argentine  Republic in New York.

About Paloma Marquez

Paloma Marquez was born in La Rioja, Argentina. She has a degree in Audiovision, focused on sound and recording and has a master’s degree in Technology and the Aesthetics of Electronic Arts. She has carried out and participated in numerous exhibitions and received scholarships, research programs and regional and national awards, in different provinces of Argentina, the United States, Venezuela and France.

Marquez’s constant studio work stands out in her art, always producing and in permanent training. Through the Open Borders Program her work “Petrolumen” which is an interactive light installation and acrylic paintings on canvas, will be exhibited at the Embassy of Argentina in Washington.

Embassy of Argentina is located at 1600 New Hampshire Ave. NW