Arlington Arts Center Hosts Rated Art 2019: The Art Experiences

By Editorial Team on June 3, 2019
Katie Macyshyn, M(vs+ic)TV. Courtesy of Arlington Arts Center.
Event: Saturday, June 8 from 8pm to 11pm

Arlington Arts Center has a series of interactive art experiences lined up for our Rated Art guests this year including tasting Greg Stewart’s “endangered” ice cream bars; helping Amanda Browder stitch together her new installation, City of Threads; belting out tunes in Katie Macyshyn’s karaoke lounge; and creating a new language of acronyms with Renée Regan. Their VIP guests will have the opportunity to view a stunning performance piece by Lorenzo Cardim during the VIP hour from 7 to 8pm.

Purchase tickets HERE and check out the details for all of the art experiences below.

Greg Stewart’s Spring SOLOS 2019 installation A Turning and A Strange Appearance has an interactive component with a moral dilemma. Guests will be able to sample one of Stewart’s hand made ice cream bars in the shapes of four birds that have been listed as endangered or threatened in the state of Virginia. However, much like these threatened species, there are a finite number of ice cream bars and when the supply runs out, there will be nothing left to replace it.

Artist Amanda Browder’s large-scale fabric installation, City of Threads, will enliven the façade of AAC’s historic building this summer, but we need your help to make it happen! Browder will be at Rated Art to share details about the project, informed by many years of experience building community through public art. Stop by her table and spend a few minutes sewing under Browder’s guidance and encouragement.

Part installation, part time-based media, part cultural phenomenon, Katie Macyshyn’s M(vs+ic)TV is not just a television channel but a way of life. In Macyshyn’s M(vs+ic)TV karaoke lounge, guests dress up, sing, and dance, becoming stars by way of intergalactic costume karaoke.

Join artist Renée Regan for a rollicking game of FFLA, an interactive performance exercise invented by the artist that uses humor and spontaneity to challenge the rigidity of language. Stop making sense and start breaking down boundaries to creativity, energy, and fun with Regan and FFLA.

DC-based artist Lorenzo Cardim, whose work focuses on exploring his cultural hybridity as a Brazilian-American, will be performing his new piece, Three Love Poems and a Song of Dismay with Giselle Ruzany, Ashley Young, and Yacine Fall, exclusively for our VIP guests.

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Music by DJ Esso

AAC is located at 3550 Wilson Blvd Arlington, VA. For more information visit