Rhizome DC | Lexi Arrietta The Doubling Woods

By East City Art Editorial Team on January 31, 2024

Fri, January 5 2024 — Sun, February 4 2024

Dissociation (dressed as small game trophy) [detail] – courtesy of the artist
Opening Reception: Friday, January 5 from 7-9pm

Open during all events or email them to schedule a different time to view.

The Doubling Woods beckons viewers to a liminal place where they glimpse the growth and dilapidation of emotional lifeforms abandoned to their own devices. The artist fuses elements of nature with objects and remnants of human life, creating a material intersection that often obscures the maker’s hand, evoking the sense of happening upon something reverent in the woods—something that feels both otherworldly and familiar.

Relics of loss, attachment, understanding, and instability unburden themselves within a sensitized wilderness that is simultaneously volatile, delicate, and fecund. Soil pools in the open neck of a blouse, while corners of a cuff and collar rear up, as if re-germinated. The face of a locking wardrobe drawer is camouflaged by the flesh-toned, papery bark of a river birch. Sisal fiber has been tenderly formed to resemble a single blonde braid, which emerges from a piece of driftwood and coils gracefully onto a pockmarked platter. Clusters of wild fungi flourish among the folds of vagrant garments.

The Doubling Woods moves its viewers to consider the connection between the wilderness of nature and the wilderness of the mind. It invites deepened understandings of how grief, trauma, and unmet needs can push us to the outskirts of our own lives—how our minds and emotional organs create new ecosystems in order to cope with and process new fathoms of feeling.

Rhizome DC
6950 Maple St NW