Art Enables Presents Variations on a Theme and MAGIC FOREST

By Editorial Team on February 14, 2022

Mon, 14 February 2022 - Tue, 15 March 2022

Gary Murrell, Charles Meissner, Michael Haynes, and Paul Lewis. Courtesy of Art Enables.

Art Enables announces two new exhibitions in their downstairs galleries:

Variations on a Theme celebrates the work of resident artists Michael Haynes, Paul Lewis, Charles Meissner, and Gary Murrell. Each artist works with a range of subject matter in their practice, but this exhibition celebrates some of the frequently recurring content these artists love to explore. Repeated elements are easily identified in these groupings and speak to what each artists’ peers and admirers can instantly recognize as their work. At the same time, viewing the works in serial highlights the nuances of detail, technique, and composition that vary from piece to piece and give life to each artist’s oeuvre as a whole.

Rainbow Snake by Charmaine Jones. Courtesy of Art Enables.

Experience Art Enables’ gallery space transformed into MAGIC FOREST—home to an array of unusual organisms. The forest habitat—designed and fabricated by visiting artist Bonner Sale—is filled with lumpy purple trees, colorful vines, and distinctive creatures and plants created by Art Enables resident artists. Their cut-out illustrations are given voice by an ambient audio track made by Art Enables artists collaborating with visiting musician and recording engineer Ben Green. As in any forest, the wind blows, rain falls, and the forest’s many inhabitants speak to each other in a symphony of voices. Perceptive forest visitors may also hear the chiming of magic moving through the trees…

To enjoy these new exhibitions join them during public gallery hours each Saturday from 9am to 5pm.

Art Enables is located at 2204 Rhode Island Ave. NE.