Art Matters Presents a Solo Exhibition by Kimberley Bursic

By Editorial Team on September 18, 2012
Lost House. 2011. Image courtesy Art Matters.


Opening Reception: Friday September 21 from 7 to 9 pm.

September 21 through October 26, 2012


The words voyage, journey, and travel come to mind when one contemplates the work of Kimberley Bursic. Many of Bursic’s paintings were created while traveling in Italy and the United States. Sometimes the work is about the beauty of the place and sometimes about escaping. In every case we are invited, as viewers, to consider our own journeys. The ultimate journey, of course, being our own lives.

Return to the sea. 2012. Image courtesy Art Matters.

Bursic’s small works on paper possess a gem-like quality. These precious jewels emit an opulence that entices us to look more deeply into the details – writing, scratching, and other marks often associated with measurement – that enrich our experience on many levels. Many of the small works appear to be journal entries created to document the artist’s travels. At the same time, there is an object-like quality about these small pieces. There is a sense that we have stumbled upon remnants of the fabric of someone’s life.

The larger paintings created more recently by Bursic explore the image of a simplified house, a stand-in for the humans that inhabit them perhaps. These houses seem to be on a journey. They climb hills, they float on water, they are on the move. Contrary to our more commonplace notion of the house as the stationary place ready for our return, these houses act as our agents as they make the voyage for us.

Three. 2010. Image Courtesy Art Matters.

“With the work of Kimberley Bursic, we are fortunate to have the opportunity to witness the travels of one individual as a means for reflection on our own inner journeys,” says Barbara Johnson, Founding Director of art matters, the gallery project of Art Works Studio School in Mount Rainier, Maryland. “We are thrilled to announce this exhibition of the work of Kimberley Bursic. Ms. Bursic is the winner of our first ever Local Art Matters exhibition.” Local Art Matters was an exhibition of several local artists on display during the Gateway Arts District Open Studio Tour last Spring. Local artists Ed Bisese, Laurie Breen and Rick Ruggles, all artists that have exhibited at art matters in the past, judged the show, selected Ms. Bursic as the winning artist, and awarded her with a solo exhibition at art matters September 21 through October 26, 2012.

The work of Kimberley Bursic has been exhibited internationally. Locally, you may have seen her work at the Capital Hill Arts Workshop, Artomatic, and Arlington Arts Center. Ms. Bursic is a graduate of the University of the Arts and received her MFA in printmaking from Washington State University. Her work is in numerous public and private collections.

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