Art Open House Presents Thien Nguyen, Ronnie Spiewak, and Tom Kenyon

By Editorial Team on February 6, 2018
Tom Kenyon, Licks of Imagination, linoleum block print, 4×6. Courtesy of the artist.
Reception: Saturday, February 10 from 4pm to 7pm

Art Open House welcomes the New Year by showing the work of three local artists, Thien Nguyen, Ronnie Spiewak and Tom Kenyon:

Thien Nguyen creates raku pottery – a daring technique and process that submits the pot to severe temperature changes during the firing process. Thien originally made functional pieces but is currently working on a series of larger and more decorative shapes. He finds excitement in the freedom these give him to develop loose and experimental glazing. “I alter my glazes to get new colors so that each piece is different. What I most want is to surprise, to elicit your imagination so that you connect my pieces with something in your memory, and in yourself.”

Ronnie Spiewak is interested in setting and keeping things in motion. Her collages are composites of a selective process – juxtaposing line, form and color to create a seductive illusion of movement. Ronnie works with a variety of papers and surfaces. She is particularly attracted to newsprint and calligraphy. “Hebrew newsprint, evident in many of my pieces, has become a way to symbolize dialogue, culture and timelessness. It’s also a way to integrate my personal heritage into the work, reflecting on a culture of an ancient and simultaneously modern land.”

Tom Kenyon works in a variety of media but especially likes linoleum block prints for creating strong shapes with minimal use of color. “Using photographs and other media to form what appear to be found artifacts, Tom spins a complex web of story fragments that leave it largely up to the viewer to piece together a solid narrative.” This story, based on his grandfather’s auto parts business becomes increasingly believable. Like Tom, we begin to imagine ourselves in a past life working for the Kenyon Motor Company, and racing cars on the Bonneville Salt Flats in the 1940s!

Art Open House is located at 4870 Chevy Chase Blvd., Chevy Chase, MD.