Art Whino Presents Destroy & Create

By Editorial Team on February 15, 2016

Sat, February 20 2016 — Sun, March 20 2016

Photo courtesy of Art Whino.
Photo courtesy of Art Whino.


Opening: Saturday, February 20 from 8pm to 11pm


Art Whino teams up with Boundless Brooklyn to present Destroy & Create, a group art show that celebrates the release of the new Boundless Halfpipe model kit.  Boundless Brooklyn, which creates DIY miniature sets and has sponsored a number of art shows around the U.S., Canada and Europe, is honoring the skateboard culture with the release of its brand new miniature skate ramp.  As the show name hints, Art Whino pays homage to the Skate and Destroy skate culture and will be curating a diverse group of its artists to trick out the halfpipe model kits. Artist backgrounds range from illustrators to fine artists, and they’ll present a wide array of interpretations of what the skate culture means to them.

Participating Artists:

  • Adam Haynes
  • Brendon Palmer-Angell
  • Brian Donnelly
  • Chris Bishop
  • ChrisRWK
  • Craig Skibs Barker
  • Czr Prz
  • Damon Lucas
  • Dave Lowell
  • El Estabo
  • Emmalee
  • Gabriel Pons
  • Graham Franchoise
  • HKS181
  • in.fa.mousIKB
  • Jacob Eveland
  • Jacobe Noonan
  • James Walker
  • Jason Limon
  • Jason White
  • John Deardourff
  • Joseph Martinez
  • Josie Morway
  • Kat Gun
  • Katun
  • Kevin “Double Down” Bednarz
  • Keyhan
  • Marka 27
  • Matt Corrado
  • Melanie Pruitt
  • Mr. Christopher
  • Nightmare Mikey
  • Nils Westergard
  • Rei21
  • Rodrigo Pradel
  • Santos Shelton
  • superwaxx
  • The Tonus
  • Thom Glick
  • Tim Rodgers
  • tobar
  • toobz noel
  • Ultra
  • Walt Hall
  • William Nghiem
  • Yuhmi Collective

Blind Whino is located at 700 Delaware Ave. SW.