East City Art Presents—2024 Capital Art Book Fair

By Editorial Team on April 1, 2024

Sat, April 6 2024 — Sun, April 7 2024


Crowd gathers at the inaugural Capital Art Book Fair. Photo credit: East City Art.


Saturday & Sunday, April 6 & 7, 2024
Saturday:  11am–6pm
Sunday: 10 am—4pm

Eastern Market’s North Hall at 225 7th Street SE, Washington DC, 20003



East City Art Presents the 2024 Capital Art Book Fair
The second edition of East City Art’s Capital Art Book Fair takes place at Eastern Market’s North Hall.  The event is open to the public, free of charge.   Thirty-six exhibitors from across the DMV, the US, Asia and Europe will present books as works of art, editions about art or artists, limited run books, prints as well as DIY zines, graphic novels  and art magazines.  Over 100 fine artists, independent publishers, small presses, illustrators and photographers will be represented.

Glenstone Museum will participate in this year’s Capital Art Book Fair. Image courtesy Glenstone Museum.

What can attendees expect from the Capital Art Book Fair?
Attendees of the Capital Art Book Fair can look forward to an immersive and diverse exploration of the art book world, which is as varied and rich as the art world itself. Beyond just viewing, they’ll engage with an array of art book forms, from the traditional and beloved coffee table collections of photography and artist retrospectives to the more avant-garde and niche productions like zines, graphic novels, and specialty art magazines.

Art books at the fair are celebrated not only for their content, which can rival that of galleries in richness and intention, but also for their physical form. Many of these books are art in their own right, employing unique or traditional print methods to create objects that are both a pleasure to read and behold. The fair will feature works that utilize hand-printing techniques like letterpress and screen printing, showcasing the meticulous craftsmanship that goes into art book creation.

A highlight of this year’s fair is the presence of RISO printing, a method that combines the appeal of screen printing with the efficiency of digital printing. This technique has revitalized the production of zines and comics, offering a sustainable, cost-effective, and artistically vibrant option for creators. Attendees will have the chance to see and perhaps purchase “risographed” prints and books, witnessing firsthand the rich colors and unique textures that define this printing style.

Overall, the Capital Art Book Fair is set to be a feast for the senses, offering a tactile and visual journey through the contemporary and traditional landscapes of art book production. It’s an opportunity for attendees to discover the innovative and dynamic world of art books, from the content they hold to the processes by which they are made.

Hugo Bonamin and Linea Jensen, Brussels, Belgium will exhibit Bruit published by Gevaert Editions.  Image courtesy of the artists.

Exhibitors include the following individuals and organizations:

51 Personae [Shanghai, China]
All Street Gallery [New York, NY]
Baby Senses [Bethesda, MD]
Blurred Circle [Brooklyn, NY]
BmoreArt [Baltimore, MD]
Boxerbun [Washington, DC]
Courier Press, MSU [Bozeman, MT]
Girls, on Film [Washington, DC]
Glenstone Museum [Potomac, MD]
Helen and Pearl [Montclair, VA]
HOMOCATS [Brooklyn, NY]
Hugo Bonamin and Linea Jensen [Brussels, Belgium]
IBé Arts Institute [Hopewell, VA]
inner loop press [Philadelphia, PA]
Karin Edgett [Washington, DC]
Kate Fitzpatrick [Alexandria, VA]
Kristofer Heng [Washington, DC]
Lee Strawberry [Northern Virginia]
MAKERMAKER [Seoul, Korea]
Multiple Exposures Gallery [Alexandria, VA]
My Dead Aunt’s Books [Hyattsville, MD]
Nami Oshiro [Falls Church, VA]
NOICE Magazine [Bernardsville, NJ]
Permian Designs [Silver Spring, MD]
Photographic Bandwidth [Virginia]
Saint Lucy Books [Baltimore, MD]
Sam Robertson’s Old Testament [Minneapolis, MN]
Smogfrogg [Silver Spring, MD]
Subjectively Objective [Detroit, MI]
The Sun Store [New York, NY & Washington, DC]
Types of Her [Mebane, NC]
Untitled Artwork (61) [New York, NY]
Vika Visual Arts Association [Washington, DC]
Zatara Press [Richmond, VA]

Eastern Market’s North Hall is located at 225 7th Street SE, Washington DC, 20003.  North Hall is accessed from the south via the indoor food stalls or from the north at North Carolina Avenue SE.  Eastern Market is located two blocks from Eastern Market Metro.

Sponsors include the Capitol Hill Community Foundation, DC Commission on the Arts & Humanities, Hill Rag and National Capital Bank.

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