Arts In Color Curatorial and Gallery Presents Sasha-Loriene TEAL: To Evolve And Liberate

By Editorial Team on November 8, 2021

Thu, 11 November 2021 - Fri, 31 December 2021

Release, 24″x36″ Acrylic on Canvas, Sasha-Loriene (2021)
Opening Reception: Thursday, November, 11 from 6:30pm to 9pm

Every November 11th, Sasha-Loriene sets 11 goals and intentions to achieve during her new year. TEAL: To Evolve And Liberate (the color of growth and renewal), one of her goals set on November 11th, 2020, is a manifestation of ‘use your intuition to tell your story in your artwork.’ This exhibition represents the raw expression and growth of her artist practice through older works originally created 5-9 years prior and reimagined during her 30th year. Inspired by her childhood experiences and struggles with self-expression, verbal communication, and mental health, Sasha-Loriene highlights her creative release by transitioning from her classical figurative techniques to align more with her passion – abstract expression.

Sasha-Loriene incorporates 30 of her original works to continue the stories once created without intention or technique while still using their original names. In doing so, she depicts an intuitive process of composition, texture and swift movements to communicate the transformative experience of releasing self-doubt, rigidness, and the need to be perfect – feelings that once dominated her artist practice. The act of breaking free from a self-created box to exist in alignment is seen through her use of color psychology to symbolize specific emotions. Sasha-Loriene emphasizes this form of resistance to not only evoke healing and exploration within her audience, but to ultimately heal herself, as well.

About the Artist:

Sasha-Loriene is a Maryland based contemporary artist who captures her thoughts, feelings, and interpretation of the world in every piece. The goal of her art practice is to tell a story and create a personal experience that encourages viewer introspection. Sasha-Loriene uses bold colors, shapes, and subject matter to highlight the human experience and the intersectionality between identity (who we are externally), self (who we are internally), and purpose (who we are intrinsically). By focusing on her own self-discovery, she has tapped into a whimsical method of storytelling that liberates others to do the same.

Limited viewing w/ COVID-19 restrictions: 11.11.21 – 11.14.21 at Arts In Color Curatorial and Gallery; masks are required and will be provided at the door.

Arts In Color Curatorial and Gallery is located at 1843 14th Street NW.