ArtVentures On H Street Returns February 24 from 5:30pm to 8:00pm

By East City Art Editorial Team on February 14, 2011

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Here is the complete list of exhibits participating in ARTventures On H Street – February 24, 2011

On Feb 24, CHAMPS – Capitol Hill’s Chamber of Commerce and H Street Main Street present ARTventures on H. From 5:30-8pm several galleries and art spaces along the H Street Corridor will open their doors to the Capitol Hill community for a special neighborhood art walk. Participants will each be given an ARTventures “passport,” to be punched at each stop on the art walk. For every punch received, attendees receive an extra 2% discount that evening from 7-9:30pm at participating restaurants and bars on H Street. Passports will be available at any of the art walk spots and attendees are welcome to choose their own starting points. Art walk stops and their associated exhibits are as follows (listed from West to East):

Senate Square: Enter on 3rd St, NE between H and I SENATE

Exhibit I: Nature
Artist: Martha Huizenga

For Martha Huizenga, photography started in 2004 when she made a conscious choice to leave corporate America and her 15-year career in telecommunications. She joined her husband as a partner in their own cottage industry, operating an ISP out of their row house on Capitol Hill. She added regular yoga to her passion for running and began volunteering in many community initiatives. She also took a photography class to further “expand her horizons.” Since then Huizenga sees the world somewhat differently-figuratively by having added new dimensions to her lifestyle and literally through the lens of her father’s old Pentax. Having lived in urban environments, Huizenga finds herself to the imagery found in nature.

Exhibit II: Guatemalan Light & Color
Artist: Marilyn Christiano

The textures, patterns and contrasts found in places near and far fascinate Marilyn Christiano, whose photographs often capture the magical interplay of light and shadow in sunrise and fog or the often-unobserved details in old buildings, landscapes and people as they go about their lives. When a photograph reveals the sense of a place, evokes a decisive moment, or elicits a “what is this?” response-these all add up to what Christiano considers a successful piece of work.

Metro Mutts: 508 H Street, NE

Exhibit: Pet Life

Bev Hollis, Photographer
Jenna Isaacson, Photographer

Additional Information:

Bev Hollis is a contemporary, fine art pet photographer who specializes in dog and pet photography and animal portraits in northern Virginia, Maryland and Washington, DC area. Jenna Isaacson is a photojournalist, stylist, crafter, camping enthusiast and proud Midwesterner. After working in the newspaper business for 10 years in Utah, Missouri and Florida, Isaacson moved to D.C. in 2009 and is a proud member of Capitol Hill-based Pitchfork Studio.

Adobe Design Center & Showroom: 654 H Street, NE

Exhibit: Where Art Meets Function

Additional Information: Adobe Design Center & Showroom offers a unique collection of art, furniture, accessories, and unusual pieces, collected by owner Edith Buffalo, from all over the world. When asked about the combination of fine art and home furnishings in a recent DC Ladies interview, Buffalo responded “The marriage of art and furniture has been a very happy union. People get a chance to see how chair looks with art to the left or right of it or how a mirror or lamp looks in a particular setting. The greatest discovery is that the mat does not have to match the fabric.”

City Gallery: 804 H Street, NE

Exhibit: Color and Shape


Nancy Donnelly, Glass Artist

Jill Finsen, Oil Painter

Additional Information:

“Color and Shape showcases Nancy Donnelly’s elegant glass art and Jill Finsen’s whimsically primitive paintings executed in oil paint.  Fascination with texture as a component of color and shape is apparent in the work of both these artists. Allusive of the natural world, they are direct and accessible. Yet surface abstraction is paramount to the success of these art pieces—the texture of the glass complements layered textures in the paintings. These works complement each other and pull the exhibit in new and exciting visual directions. Both artists find negative space crucial to this effect, moments of rest that energize each work and in this sense make each more complete.”

Jorge Velazquez: 1015 H Street, NE – 2nd Floor

Exhibit: My Vision of Art

Artist: Jorge Velasquez

Additional Information: Born in Mexico, Jorge Velazquez is a self-taught artist whose inspiration is inner peace and pushing his own boundaries.  He was always told that he could do whatever he set his mind to. My Vision of Art features a selection of past and present works by Velazquez.

Smith Commons: 1245 H Street, NE

*Just Announced*

Exhibit: Live Mural Painting

Artists: Gaia

Additional Information: Up and down the NYC/Baltimore/DC circuit, Gaia’s art has made its mark in the mural community. Tomorrow, as part of ARTventures on H, Gaia strikes again at Smiths Commons, painting live for all participants to see. From the Baltimore City Paper:

Tucked neatly into the city’s abandoned and boarded-up architecture, looking out peacefully over passersby, are the gigantic, stoic, wheat-pasted figures by local street artist Gaia. Pigeons, roosters, bears, and portraits of the artist’s grandfather watch over the city like contemporary totems and deities. An internationally prolific artist and a MICA student, Gaia has delighted Baltimore with pieces springing up in alleyways and on decrepit structures with increased fervor during the academic year. Installed all over the city, both independently and at least one piece in conjunction with Artscape, Gaia’s imagery has become an exciting component of the city’s changing facades.

Atlas Performing Arts Center: 1333 H Street, NE

Exhibit: Ten Miles Square Photography Exhibit


Amy Keys
Michael Dubois
Michael Galkovsky
Maria Helena Carey
Patrick Yuen
Tonianne DeMaria Barry
Angela Kleis
Brian Mosley
Karon Flage
Brett Davis
Kevin Harber

Additional Information:

Part of the INTERSECTIONS Festival, this photography exhibit aims to tie together the diversity and dynamism of the performers on stage with the vibrancy of the neighborhood outside the Atlas. The featured photographers are the winners of Ten Miles Square’s contest that challenging entrants to take on the ten square miles surrounding the Atlas neighborhood — capturing connections, innovation, intersection of cultures, ages, races. Ten Miles Square is a venture to promote local photographers through independent, art supporting businesses, while also nurturing a new generation of collectors by offering real art at affordable prices.

SOVA Espresso & Wine: 1359 H Street, NE

Exhibit: Untitled Photography Exhibit

Artists: Students enrolled in the Critical Exposure program.

Additional Information:

Critical Exposure is a nonprofit that teaches youth to use the power of photography and their own voices to become effective advocates for school reform and social change.

Gallery OonH: 1354 H Street, NE

Exhibit: Facing H Street



Additional Information: Facing H Street features portraits of the known and the unknown, interpreted through the lens of various outsider artists from the collection of Dolly Vehlow and Steve Hessler. In addition to the exhibition, GalleryOonH will debut the “H-Street-Piano” project and will be featuring an on-site caricaturist so you can leave with your own portrait.

Evolve Urban Arts Project: 1375 Maryland Avenue, NE

Exhibit: Flights of Fancy: Elements of Surrealism


Iwan Bagus

Peter Karp

Micheline Klagsbrun

Trix Kuijper

Joyce McCarten

Langley Spurlock

Additional Information: Flights of Fancy: Elements of Surrealism features six talented artists from the Studio Gallery in Dupont Circle all of whom create works which embody or employ key elements of Surrealism.

G Fine Art Gallery: 1350 Florida Avenue, NE

Exhbit: The Adjacent Possible

Artists: Linn Myers

Meyers’ drawings create a sense of unpredictable logic.  Her lines whirl around into seemingly complicated compositions, the marks slip and shiver, turning into intricate waves that subsequently settle into shimmering eddies.  At close proximity the marks vibrate against each other with a magnetic tension; with greater distance the drawings fold into a unified world, making references but never landing – hovering between place, time, object and experience.

Conner Contemporary Art: 1358 Florida Avenue, NE

Exhibit I: Windowboxing

Artist: Cordy Ryman

Exhibit II: High Pressure System

Artist: Brandon Morse

Additional Information: These are two concurrent solo exhibitions. Windowboxing features painted sculptural assemblages by Cordy Ryman and High Pressure System features real-time generative digital work by Brandon Morse.

Industry Gallery: 1358 Florida Avenue, NE – Suite 200

Exhibit: Fossilized
Jens Praet
Fossilized is the first solo US exhibition of Jens Praet and features Tables, Consoles, Benches & Shelves made from shredded magazines and documents

The Dine Around: 7-9:30pm

There are currently 17 restaurants and bars participating in the Dine Around portion of ARTventures on H, with more to be added in the coming week. So far participants include (from West to East):

Ethiopic: 401 H Street, NE
Sidamo Coffee and Tea: 417 H Street, NE
: 421 H Street, NE
Liberty Tree
: 1016 H Street, NE
Taylor Gourmet
: 1116 H Street, NE
Twelve Restaurant & Lounge
: 1123 H Street, NE
Souk: 1208 H Street, NE
Sticky Rice
: 1224 H Street, NE
The Pug
: 1234 H Street, NE
Fruit Bat
: 1236 H Street, NE
Dr. Granville Moore’s
: 1238 H Street, NE
Smith Commons
: 1245 H Street, NE
H Street Country Club
: 1335 H Street, NE
Dangerous Delicious Pies : 1339 H Street, NE
Star and Shamrock : 1341 H Street, NE
The Argonaut : 1433 H Street, NE
Capital City Diner: 1050 Bladensburg Road, NE

Over 1000 people attended the inaugural ARTventures on H in June of 2010. “It is so exciting to be part of such a collaborative group of businesses,” said Julia Christian, CHAMPS Executive Director. “The H Street business community truly sees the benefit of working together and ARTventures on H is the perfect example of that. We are thrilled to produce the event again and I can’t wait to see all of the great exhibits–right here in our neighborhood.”

For up-to-date information about ARTventures on H (including participants, maps, and dining discounts), visit or CHAMPS’ new website

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ARTventures on H is free and open to the public.

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