Bad Candy Presents Sugar Rush Group Exhibition

By Editorial Team on July 12, 2021
Cash Me Outside by Dona Teare.
Currently on view.

The brand new artist-owned art gallery in Brookland will be hosting a one-of-a-kind art exhibition. Sugar Rush will feature work by some of the biggest up-and-coming artists that DC has to offer. Bad Candy, an art gallery and event space, will host its first-ever DC group show featuring work produced by 11 of DC’s greatest up-and-coming artists. Sugar Rush is based around the concept of all things visually bright, sweet, and fun. Visitors can shop for art pieces from each of the featured artists, as well as affordable prints and apparel from the Bad Candy Season 1 Apparel Line.


Emerging out of a year of lockdowns that put a vibrant art show scene on hold, Bad Candy was founded with the goal of bringing quality art, music, and apparel to the public in an inclusive and community-oriented space. Bad Candy will offer a wide variety of programming open to all, including bi-monthly art group shows highlighting the creators and artists that inspire us, live music events, and collaborative retail pop-ups for startups and artists. Large group shows and featured artist events will be held on a monthly basis, with affordable prints, paintings, and apparel available for purchase on weekdays between events. An application process is for all artists and creators looking to collaborate. For more information, visit Bad Candy’s website, or email


D3w World is a DC/Maryland native with Haitian roots. Dew has been attracted to the arts since early childhood. Dew is also an educator who teaches the youth and adults through his artwork. His work gives a voice to those who are ignored while enlightening others. Dew’s mediums consist of acrylic paint, Prismacolor markers, Copic markers, and ink. Through these mediums, he reveals the different natures within the human persona and the power they hold within.

Dona Teare’s work sits somewhere on the spectrum between Reddit, Odilon Redon, and that weird-ass feeling she gets when she unexpectedly passes her reflection in the mirror. Punky with a touch of goofy, and ratchet, her work usually conveys anxiety and personal experiences.

Sarah Barnfart is a mixed media artist whose work is the visuals of the lifelong project of self-discovery and the existential confusion that comes along with it. Through her diary-esque approach, she uses humor and color to dive headfirst into the constant existential crisis of who I am and what am I doing here into something (hopefully) way less nauseating and into something we can laugh about (through the tears of course).

Henry F. Dotson, also known as (henryd), is a visual artist working in traditional and digital media as well as a co-founder of Bad Candy. Henry captures the “here and now” by producing daily art in a collection of work known as the “Year of Art”, now in its third consecutive year. Using bright colors and bold lines, he borrows styles and techniques from pop art and street art imagery to create a bold and unique style. His work can be found just about anywhere: on the streets, in art galleries, and in the coffee shops of D.C. By keeping art accessible, Henry’s work blurs the line between what is considered street art and fine art, the simple and the complex.

Chris Combs’ sculptures address changes in our built technology environment, changes that often occur before we understand their implications. His artwork makes these macro-scale changes tangible, letting us consider them anew. His art responds to pressing themes of surveillance, artificial intelligence, and algorithmic failure—and to the viewer, using facial recognition and motion sensing.

Bruce Allen is a fine art photographer based in Washington, D.C., and a native of the DMV area. To him, the concept is everything. Bruce Allen has been producing art shows in D.C. since 2018, which led him to open Bad Candy, space for the public to interact with local up-and-coming artists in a traditional gallery setting.

Maridad Studio is an Austin, TX-based artist. Her inspiration lies in the mundane and everyday actions that can remind people of the beauty of being alive today.

Charlie Visconage is a self-taught artist whose current body of work reflects the transformative experience of participating in the Paradise AIR residency in Matsudo, Japan in February of 2020. Having visited Japan twice before, Charlie found the city of Matsudo, a Tokyo suburb, a completely unique aesthetic experience. Colors and shapes popped on even the most mundane bus signage as if they were a mashup between Fila in the ’80s and the interior of a Taco Bell in the ’90s. He was in love and a new direction for his work was born. Since then, Charlie has been painting neon-drenched psychedelic portraits of people and animals.

Carmonamedina Studio Since early 2016, artist Carmonamedina has produced weekly illustrations for his project Postcards from Washington DC. “During my time in Washington, D.C., I have come to love the rich diversity of people, past and present, and the quotidian dramas through which they shape their neighborhoods and the collective urban character,” says Carmonamedina. “My art seeks to document that human presence, in a way that is funny and compelling.” With more than 200 postcards to date, the collection has been featured in local media and art exhibitions.

Bad Candy is located at 3508 12th St. NE.