Bethesda Fine Art Presents #Corcoran1970s

By Editorial Team on December 13, 2021

Mon, 22 November 2021 - Sun, 30 January 2022

Courtesy of Bethesda Fine Art.

Bethesda Fine Art is proud to present #Corcoran1970s, an exhibition celebrating the circle of abstract artists who showed, taught, and were affiliated with the Corcoran Gallery of Art in the 1970s. The Corcoran Gallery of Art was an artistic center for Washington, D.C. artists, particularly abstractionists, during the 1970’s. Active in the Corcoran’s orbit were Washington Color School notables such as Leon Berkowitz, Cynthia Bickley-Green, Gene Davis, Sam Gilliam, Mimi Herbert, Dan Yellow Kuhne, Howard Mehring, Paul Reed, and Kenneth Young. While most showed in group shows, a select few, including Berkowitz, Davis, Mehring, Reed, and Young, had their own solo exhibitions.

Two women artists featured in this exhibition participated in important Corcoran historical events. For the Corcoran Bicentennial in 1976, Mimi Herbert was commissioned to create a 175-foot Bicentennial Pennant sculpture that spanned the facade of the 17th street facade of the gallery. In 1972, Cynthia Bickley-Green was a member of the steering committee for the first National Conference for Women in the Visual Arts held at the Corcoran.

This selection of artwork from the 1960s and 1970s features some of the best and brightest involved in the Corcoran during this pivotal period. Interspersed are more recent paintings and sculptures, inviting comparison of how these artists’ creative proximity shaped their work over time. Although the Corcoran closed in 2014, the artwork produced by artists who showed there perpetuate and affirm the museum’s legacy

The exhibition can be viewed online on Artsy and Artnet.

About the Gallery
Bethesda Fine Art is an intimate space in downtown Bethesda that showcases the work of Washington Color School artists. During the 1960s and 1970s, this group of abstractionists brought the attention of the art world to Washington, DC with their bold, often large-scale works. The gallery’s extensive inventory allows for regular rotations of paintings, prints, drawings and sculptures by the best-known artists from DC, as well as other major abstractionists working at the time.

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