Black Whiskey Bar with Black Market Art Present Stephen Whiteside and Joel Innovinci Concrete Oppressionism

By Editorial Team on July 25, 2017
Joel Innovinci, Untitled (evolution). Courtesy of the artist.
Opening: Wednesday, July 26 from 7pm to 10pm

Stephen “Esteban” Whiteside is self-taught artist, painting to satiate his need to record his “emotions, frustrations and stories.” The term Concrete Oppresionism is his creation, an it describes the very real, palpable [concrete] way in which people of color face oppression, while also pointing to his unapologetic compositions.

Joel “Innovinci” Ulmer, was compulsively drawn to art from a very early age. He creatively absorbs the elements around him, using mainly the oil medium as his vehicle to communicate his “notions of history,” focused on the African-American experience, and exploring the parameters of race relations.

Black Whiskey Bar is located at 1410 14th St NW.