BlackRock Center for the Arts Presents Thomas Germer Forward, Backward, Up, Down

By Editorial Team on February 7, 2017

Sat, 11 February 2017 - Sat, 11 March 2017

Photo courtesy of BlackRock Center for the Arts.
Photo courtesy of BlackRock Center for the Arts.


Opening Reception: Saturday, February 11 from 2pm to 4pm


Forward, Backward, Up, Down by Thomas Germer
Terrace Gallery
February 11 – March 11
Using the aid of technology to create spherical panoramas, Thomas Germer uses special photographic equipment to capture a scene with multiple images from a single vantage point, then uses software to “stitch” the frames together. Printing on aluminum, he either assembles the stitched images to form three-dimensional cubic sculptures, or projects them in an ultra-wide-angle fashion (that goes beyond the effect of a fisheye lens) to create two-dimensional prints. The Maryland photographer challenges the viewer to compare both applications by presenting each panorama in a sculpture and prints. Germer’s lifelong interest in optics and his career as a physicist drive his recent photographic explorations for the series Forward, Backward, Up, Down as he searches for scenes that are visually interesting in every direction. Germer holds degrees in physics from University of California Berkeley and Cornell University.

About the Artist: Thomas Germer has been interested in photography and optics for most of his life. Germer has pursued a career in optical physics, where he studies how light interacts with materials and how one can learn about a material by the way it reflects or transmits light as a function of wavelength, direction, or polarization. In 2010, he began to explore his artistic talents and began to experiment with photography. Germer has exhibited his work at Glenview Mansion (Rockville, MD), Bohrer Park Activity Center (Gaithersburg, MD), and the Arts Barn (Gaithersburg, MD). Germer maintains his studio in Montgomery Village, Maryland.To learn more, visit:

Gallery Hours:

  • Monday – Saturday: 10am to 5pm

Terrace Gallery is located at 12901 Town Commons Drive, Germantown, MD.