BlackRock Center for the Arts Presents Estamos Aquí Group Exhibition

By Editorial Team on October 11, 2022

Sat, October 1 2022 — Sat, October 29 2022

María A. Brito I’m One with the Whole, I’m One with the Planet and God Courtesy of BlackRock Center for the Arts.

Running seamlessly and parallel to Upcycle! is BlackRock’s Gallery II exhibit, Estamos AquíEstamos Aquí showcases the work of Latino/x/e artists Eddy Leonel AldanaMaria BritoMaria EliasMichelle GoldchainCamila Franco Ribeiro GomideLuis Navas-ReyesSandra Perez Ramos, and Roxana Rojas-Luzon, who encompass a range of cultural experiences through visual imagery. The eight artists highlight identity, language, ceremony, legacy, lifestyle, history, and family relationships. The exhibition intends to honor the Latino/x/e population in the region by showcasing the artwork of intersectional voices and acknowledging the Latino/x/e contribution to contemporary art.

Personal moments are central to the exhibition, as the artists illustrate the mood and perspectives of their communities in relation to their own experiences. Each artwork offers a layer of messages and influences from the past and present through mixed media, drawing, photography, video performance, printmaking, and sculpture. The artwork gestures toward cultural symbols and practices, such as the passing of recipes and stories, elements of folk art, such as ceramic figurines and decorative textiles, and even the use of metals and ceremonial patterns. Language also ties the work together. Ribeiro Gomide’s photo series “Saudade” means nostalgia or melancholy in Portuguese, and Perez Ramos’ digital painting “Vejigante Azul” represents a folkloric character seen in Puerto Rican festivals.

Says Katie Hecklinger, CEO of BlackRock Center for the Arts, “Both of these exhibits are gorgeous. I’m thrilled with the efforts of our curator, Tomora Wright, as well as the incredible partnership with the Studio Art Quilt Associates and Strathmore. When I think of the diversity of the area and our commitment to sustainability, it is deeply reflected in our programming here at BlackRock and these are two excellent examples of that.”

Estamos Aquí in the upstairs Gallery II, a contemporary art exhibit celebrating Latino/x/e identity, language, ceremony, legacy, lifestyle, history, and family relationships curated by Tomora Wright. The exhibit can be seen during business hours on the weekdays and weekends,


  • Monday – Friday: 10am – 6pm
  • Saturday: 12pm – 4pm
  • Sunday: 10:30am – 2:30pm

BlackRock Center for the Arts is located at 12901 Town Commons Dr., Germantown, MD.