Montpelier Arts Center Spring 2024 Exhibitions

By Editorial Team on February 5, 2024

Sat, February 10 2024 — Sun, March 17 2024

Opening Reception: Saturday, February 10 from 2-4pm
Handmade books by Patricia Phillips Bowden. Photo credit: Patricia Phillips Bowden.

Patricia Phillips Bowden

Patricia Phillips Bowden explores various ideas and media with works on paper and canvas, using the book form, scrolls, panels, and small paintings in handmade boxes. In making the artworks, she pays homage to the Asian side of her cultural heritage, using Western art forms while borrowing ideas from contemporary and ancient Asian art. This show is in memory of her mother, Shizuka (Sharon) Phillips, and Sahomi Naka.

Deluge by Brian Michael Dunn. Acrylic (Flashe) on canvas. Photo credit: Brian Michael Dunn

Brian Michael Dunn | Interference

Montpelier Arts Space presents Interference, a solo exhibit of paintings and sculptures by Maryland based artist Brian Michael Dunn. Interference pairs two distinct series in the artist’s practice that explore the imprint of mechanical and systems-based technology on our daily lived experiences and understandings. In a suite of new large-scale paintings, layered and interwoven patterns and modular forms both articulate and obscure surrounding strata of visual information. Each picture bears an intricate collection of signs, patterns and symbols from the natural world, balanced at the tipping point of legibility. In the face of endless streams of news and information, the paintings describe a layering of complexities veering toward saturation.

Sheetz, an ongoing series of 3D works, convey an opposing impulse toward redaction and distillation. In one-to-one scale translations of objects such as newspaper spreads and vinyl album jackets, physical carriers of information are stripped of language, image and sound, leaving the purely functional aspects of layout and format to do the work of expression. In this series, personal, ephemeral materials such as cloth and paper are rendered in rigidly industrial enamel on steel and installed in situations that reflect both their original use and their context as an art object, allowing one’s experience of them to oscillate between their real and depicted materiality.

Both series of artworks in Interference provide instances where visual understanding is obscured, interfered-with just as one approaches cognition. Viewed together they speak from alternate poles of possible responses to an ever-accelerating information age – exacting resistance or willful submersion.

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