Busboys and Poets Presents Billy Colbert Reverberations from the Feint

By Editorial Team on November 2, 2020
Film Still from Reverberations from the Feint
Event: Wednesday, November 4 at 6pm

Busboys and Poets’ Art on the Line Series presents a special after-the-election art event, Reverberations from the Feint, a film premier, studio visit, live artist talk and discussion by multidisciplinary artist, Billy Colbert. The hour and a half event takes place Wednesday, Nov 4th at 6 pm, is virtual and tickets are available on Eventbrite.

Feints are maneuvers designed to distract from the real place or point of an attack. Are we really in a cultural awakening rooted in conscious social change or is this all part of a feint?

As a collector of cultural memories, Billy explores these complexities and compounded struggles that are the residue of the feint. Casual conversations along with recent and found footage weave a non-linear narrative of Black American lives over seventy years of struggle, resilience and change. Time and place blur as moving images and fluctuating audio overlap, telling a singular story of family and community uncorrupted by the discriminatory lens of whiteness and commercialism.

Tickets on Eventbrite: $10
For more information contact Carol Rhodes Dyson, art@busboysandpoets.com

Tickets available at https://www.eventbrite.com/e/reverberations-from-the-feint-tickets-126889773729