Cheryl D. Edwards Studio, The American Poetry Museum and Reading Road Studio Present Microcosm – Macrocosm Group Exhibition

By Editorial Team on April 8, 2019

Sat, April 13 2019 — Mon, May 13 2019

Sublimation by Randi McCormack. Courtesy of c.d. Edwards Studio.
Opening Reception: Saturday, April 13 from 5pm to 8pm

The International Print Exchange Programme (IPEP), ( India, a nonprofit initiative through which printmakers share work with each other across the globe organized this print exhibition featuring forty. Participants individually exhibit the IPEP compiled portfolio in their respective locations. IPEP boosts networking among printmakers and creates awareness about printmaking as an art form.

The intention of the 2019 theme Microcosm-Macrocosm is to describe human beings and their place in the universe, revealing a deep and seamless relationship between everything known and unknown, internal and external, animate and inanimate. The idea of awakening the mind to this connection is pertinent to our present times, when every individual needs to be conscious of not only happenings in the global context, but also how one is responsible and accountable for actions with regard to the planet and the universe.

Microcosm-Macrocosm (curated by Lina Vincent), will open April 13, 2019 at c.d. Edwards Studio #9 and the American Poetry Museum Studio #25 both located at 716 Monroe Street, NE Brookland, DC 20017.

There will be a viewing of the print portfolio and a program to include the following:  Talk – Toyin Ademuwagun, Esq, Poets – Samuel Miranda & Toni Medina Music – Pepe Gonzalez (bass player).

On April 17th and the 24th from 10:00 am until 4:00 pm a mono type printmaking demonstration will by conducted by Helen Frederick.  The opening reception has been sponsored by Woodland Restaurant, Beer, and Schneider’s

The artists hail from many countries such as India, Poland, Portugal, Taiwan, Turkey, Pakistan, Finland, Australia, Russia, Mexico, Nepal, Argentina and the United States of America.  The exhibiting artists are as follows:  A Naveen Kumar,Abdul Ali Hyder ,Alexey ParyginAmna SuheylAna Lúcia NatividadeAniket VishwasraoAnna KodźMuhammad Atif KhanMuhammad Bilal ,Cenyace BallesterosChaitanya Modak ,Cheryl EdwardsCzetan PatilEnrique Pérez MartínezFloki Gauvry,Helen FrederickJanhavi KhemkaKinnari TondlekarMarchelo, Vera, Maria Joana SantosMelihat TüzünMoutushi C B,  Natalia TcilevichNoemi LópezObayya PutturOutimaija HakalaRajan,Shripad Fulari,Randi Reiss-MccormackRosa Matias Baptista ,Sajal Sarkar, Saurganga Darshandhari ,Seema KohliSeraphina MartinSilvia CaveltiSoledad Salame,Sunita Maharajan, Sushma ShakyaSasha Korol’ova


  • Friday and Saturday: 12pm to 5pm
  • and by appointment

c.d. Edwards Studio #9 and the American Poetry Museum Studio #25 both located at 716 Monroe Street NE, Brookland.