Capitol Hill Art Workshop Presents Kate Fleming Shadow and Light

By Editorial Team on March 5, 2018
Office 3501 (detail) by Kate Fleming. Courtesy of CHAW.
Visit the gallery Monday, March 5 through Saturday, April 14.

CHAW Artist in Residence: Kate Fleming’s show, Shadow and Light, will be an installation piece in the CHAW Gallery, running from March 5, 2018- April 14, 2018. Kate’s work will involve the play of shadows physically represented by black fabric covering everything in its path, crawling over surfaces indiscriminately and encasing them entirely. Over the course of the residency, Kate will create in the CHAW gallery. She will show her work alongside linocut prints and record the process as the time and project progresses. Viewers are encouraged to come into the gallery and watch Kate.

Kate Fleming Residency Proposal
If awarded a residency at Capitol Hill Arts Workshop, I would use the time and space to create an installation piece that develops and expands upon the ideas I explored in my installation for Artomatic 2017, entitled Office 3501. Artomatic 2017, held in a mundane office building in Crystal City, provided the perfect venue for my first foray into three-dimensional work. I wanted to create an installation that would address the ideas of light and sense of place. In my two-dimensional work, I often create the illusion of strips of light falling across forms in space (Back Alley, Melbourne Alley II, Two Chairs). I decided to turn this idea on its head and create the illusion of two dimensions in a three-dimensional space, while still representing light falling across surfaces. I drew inspiration from the crack of light that shoots into a dark room from a brightly-lit hallway, when the door is slightly ajar. I set up the room as if it were a real office, realizing that the building’s sense of place as a (somewhat depressing) office building was already well established. I projected a strip of light onto the room, and painted in the light with bright red paint. The resulting piece, when viewed from exactly the right angle, was much like a painting.

Office 3501 was a huge breakthrough for me as an artist, and I’m eager to expand upon its ideas, especially the representation of light and shadow in a physical, three-dimensional way. I have always felt that the shadows in my black-and-white prints have a certain physicality and weight to them, almost like a thick, black curtain draping over a window frame (Cherrydale Bible Church, St Kilda Front Porch) or a set of stairs (Balmain, Front Steps). I would like to create an installation in which shadows are physically represented by black fabric covering everything in its path, the way the red paint does in Office 3501, crawling over surfaces indiscriminately and encasing them entirely. The resulting piece would be powerful and striking, and would ideally be shown alongside my linocut prints. Using black fabric instead of black paint would ensure that the CHAW gallery space would be free from damage. The finished piece would be an interactive artwork that visitors and community members would be able to physically walk through and into. Artomatic visitors enjoyed photographing themselves inside Office 3501, playing with the visual illusions of the installation. Additionally, I would like to hold an artist talk or workshop. The installation would create the perfect venue for a workshop on perspective.

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