Catalyst Projects Presents Exposure – Experiments in Photography

By Editorial Team on November 4, 2013
Mandy Greer, Twin Paths, 2011, archival inkjet photograph, 22"x18". Photo courtesy ofCatalyst Projects.
Mandy Greer, Twin Paths, 2011, archival inkjet photograph, 22″x18″. Photo courtesy ofCatalyst Projects.
Opening Reception: Saturday, November 9 from 6pm to 9pm


The exhibition runs November 7 through December 7, 2013.

The artists featured in this exhibition utilize photography in innovative ways, challenging themselves and the viewer thematically and/ or technically. Using a medium that has become so accessible and commonplace, the featured artwork illustrates how much is still left to explore.

Stephanie Booth & Steve Skowron (VA):
Booth and Skowron use photography to explore the rituals and rites learned in our youth that leave a lasting imprint. The photographs in the series Contemplation explore this complex bond between the past and present. The human form transforms religions objects of repentance and contemplative prayer into ones that no longer function.

Natalie Cheung (DC):
In Intersections of Light, Cheung contemplates the reality of our everyday, serving as a visual metaphor for our fundamentally flawed vision in that we depend on the presence of light to see. Each composition is created by exposing photographic paper to light through hundreds of pinholes. As each pinhole only allows a small amount of light through, the result is that the viewer can never see clearly what is before them – only reflections.

Catherine Day (VA):
Day’s work explores notions of loss and memory. Unstaged photographs of family and friends attending funerals, gravesites and visitations are printed in large scale on multiple layers of thin, translucent silk fabric. The layers shift and move, changing the focus & intensity of the image. Creating a dreamlike landscape, Day allows the piece to constantly change, as memory and life often does.

Mandy Greer (WA):
A multidisciplinary artist, Greer creates theatricalized spaces about desire and longing. Wanting to capture a state of the human animal on the edge of the wild dark woods, she creates a revamped mythological story. Amped up on glitter and beads and an overabundance of crocheted and sewn fabric, she wades through fairy tales, archetypes, mythology, allegory and folk tales looking for moments that coincide with her own experience of everyday life.

Christina Kerns (PA):
Kerns’ dreamlike vignettes are created with appropriated imagery and small props. Using a Technicolor palette that makes the scenarios seem more imaginary than real, the images are initially set up as dioramas. Her jagged edges and deliberately messy composition mimic the rough way in which our memories are muddled together.

Alexandra Silverthorne (DC):
Silverthorne uses the camera as a means to understand and explore spatial environments and encounters. Recent projects include the examination of conceived, perceived, and lived space, instinctual explorations of architectural structures, and nocturnal documentation of unfamiliar landscapes. Silverthorne is currently working on several projects focused around ideas of travel and journey.

Amanda Kleinman (DC):
Kleinman loves being outside at night, exploring forests, parks, alleys, train tracks, bus stops, underpasses, overpasses, neighborhoods, bridges, cemeteries, abandoned buildings, and marinas. Environmental noise, so prevalent during the day, lessens when the sun goes down. She likes to capture that which is visually mundane during the day and captivating, breathtaking, magical, and cinematic when the sun sets.

Gallery Hours:

  • Thursday – Saturday: 12 noon to 7pm
  • And by appointment.

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